Tralgy: A Complete Itinerary Management System that Caters Every Need of Local Travel Agents

Sunil Gupta,CEOToday majority of travelers communicate with online travel agents (OTA) to plan their trip who leave no stone unturned to make their trip comfortable and enjoyable. However, these OTAs connect with various local travel agents to provide travel services such as hotels, flights, car hire or package holidays. But these traditional travel agencies lack the ability to access, adjust, and modify in real-time the product availability, inventory, and pricing information to provide OTAs and travelers the most accurate window into current holdings and offerings. Bridging this gap is Tralgy that stand out as a complete itinerary management system and caters every need of local travel agents, connects them with technology and acts as their handy guide in providing the desired packages to their client.

Seamless Itinerary at Your Fingertips
Tralgy (known as 'travel agent ka Dost') is a SaaS-based platform that caters services on three stacks: basic, classic and smart itineraries. These itineraries are beautiful, attractive, informative (provide all information such as places to visit, mode of transport, directions and more including warning messages) and interactive (traveler can download & rate the itinerary, and view the travel agents detail along with their photograph) too with like, dislike, call my agent, feedback and notification options on the itinerary page. The software for travel technology even facilitates local travel agents to add customer, prepare customize itinerary (including validation, auto-costing, manage payments, payment reminders, selection of hotels & transportations), send the customize itinerary in two minutes to travelers, automated mails / SMS to hotels & vendors (confirmation, booking, availability), traveler details to counter partners, notification to travel agents when the customer
is viewing the itinerary with reverse follow-up technique (travel agent can call the customer at the same time and ask about their feedback), acknowledgment slip on payment received & hotel booking to travelers and identify the genuine customer. These avenues help travel agents to reduce their over all response time by half (from 30 days, 30 calls and 30 emails to 15days, 15 calls and 15 emails).

Tralgy has recently launched B2B window where B2B agents can send only package request to supplier, receive the itinerary, add markup, receive SMS notifications when traveler open the itinerary and supplier can send the itinerary directly to the traveler

Breaking the barrier, Tralgy has recently launched B2B window where B2B agents can send only package request to supplier, receive the itinerary, add markup, receive SMS notifications when traveler open the itinerary and supplier can send the itinerary directly to the traveler. This artificial intelligent software provides checklist to travel agents (to identify the probability of converting the customer into positive leads) and follow up & leads management system that enables them to maintain lead report (response received, next time to call) & even sends follow-up & payment reminders to travelers as well as travel agents. Going the extra mile, the platform even saves and verifies the emergency contact details of the travelers, hence increases the brand visibility by introducing it to new customers & building a trust factor among the travelers.“On using our software, travel agents can reduce their operation time, increase conversation level with customer and hence boost conversion rate, thereby cutting down the cost of operation by 50 percent and increasing the revenue by 30 percent,”claims Sunil Gupta, CEO, Tralgy.

The Exclusivity
It’s rightly said,‘Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions'. When several entrepreneur friends of
Sunil start facing many problems in their travel business, he took it as a challenge and decided to address these qualms. In the virtue of same, he worked as travel agents for four years alongside his last job in IT giant and interacted with several travelers, travel agents, hotel people and drivers across India to understand their pain points. On closely understanding, he ventured Tralgy in December 2014 to cater to the needs of local travel agents of Andamans. But soon he realized that this platform is unable to fulfill the entire requirement of local vendors and after working for six month, he re-launched the software to provide complete end-to-end travel solutions in B2C and B2B segment.

With Karnataka Tourism, Tralgy participates in various travel festivals & interacts with travel agents across India, understands their pain points and suggests relevant solutions, while educating the market in the process. Additionally, Tralgy provides online demo, free trail accounts (on lock deals), train the clients, streamline their marketing & sales team and also educate them on different technologies (Google, AdWord, Google Apps and others). Sunil says, “We are good at technology and you are good in the holiday packages, let’s get together and make the travel industry better”.

The organization is looking forward to introduce smart itinerary that is so powerful that will make travelers & travel agents sit around the table virtually to ask questions and get immediate response. The product will also be enhanced with distinct features such as 3D map, weather reports and others. On the other hand, company is also planning to initiate e-Commerce into the travel industry as a long term goal to fulfill every demand of the travelers immediately during their travel period and expand their services across India.

Key Management
Sunil Gupta, CEO
An Islander, alumnus of JNRM and a dreamer, Sunil focuses on business innovation, building team and growth of the company. In free he likes to do scuba diving and explore the undersea.
Offices: Bangalore