Vijayanand Travels: A Front Runner in the Indian Travel Industry Connecting 130+ Destinations

Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar, Chairman & Managing Director,Anand Sankeshwar, Managing Director

Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar, Chairman & Managing Director

Anand Sankeshwar, Managing Director

Considering the prevailing competitive market structure, the sign of an excellent company or high-quality service is completely determined by the customers. The customer, like in any other industry, defines the market position and strength of the brand in the Logistics Industry. As a result, it should come as no surprise that customer satisfaction is the single most important factor in achieving success. A highly satisfied customer keeps adding value to a business, allowing the company to stand out from the crowd and maintain a competitive edge. Given these considerations, Vijayanand Travels (A Division of VRL Logistics Limited) is an excellent example of a company that has brought about a revolutionary change in Indian passenger transportation by introducing novel practices to provide quality travel services to customers.

VRL Logistics Ltd. Was established in 1976 in Gadag, a small town in north Karnataka, by Padma Shri awardee, Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar. He established the company with a single truck and, this has since grown into a massive conglomerate in the surface transportation industry with business operations in over 23 states and 4 union territories across the nation. Speaking about the new things that the company has brought into the transportation industry Prabhu Salageri, Vice President, of VRL Logistics Ltd. says, “Since our inception, we've seen a high level of customer support, growth, trust and this is due to some unique features that we introduced; I'd say we're industry pioneers and trend-setters. For example, in the early days of Vijayanand Travels, we were the ones who initiated the exclusive seating concept for women. As a result of this, Prabhu Salageri, Vice President, female commuters, gained a lot of confidence, and we were the
only ones preferred by female travellers, as well as students traveling alone, as there was a sense of security and safety.”

Leveraging Tech to Bridge the Gaps
VRL Logistics Ltd. is the only bus company that develops, operates, and maintains its own software, and the complete IT framework of the organization, whether it is logistics or passenger transportation, everything is operated by the in-house IT team, including the servers. In addition, the company has a cloud backup, and the ticket booking engine is designed, developed, and maintained in-house by the IT team. Vijayanand Travels' IT team has over 20 years of relevant industry experience.

Anand Sankeshwar, Managing Director

The ticket booking platform of the company is hosted on a secure private cloud, with adequate disaster recovery and backup mechanisms in place. Explaining the advanced online ticket booking service offered by the company, Prabhu Salageri, adds, “Our ticket booking interface is extremely user-friendly. Anyone with a basic understanding of technology can use this platform and book a ticket. The greatest feature is that we have real-time inventory in terms of seat booking with a capacity of one lakh concurrent connections that can be linked to our ticket booking platform. Furthermore, the search time is less than 200 milliseconds, as evidenced by the IT logs.”

VRL is the only bus company that develops, operates, and maintains its own software, and the complete IT framework of the organization

Vijayanand Travels even has an app for booking online travel tickets that accepts a variety of payment methods. In addition, the company operates a customer service centre that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All information is sent to customers via SMS, including important transactions, notifications, ticket booking confirmations, and bus reminders, with a delivery rate in excess of around 98 percent.

Recently, the company has also offered a big discount to commuters booking bus tickets on its web portal / mobile app directly. Mr.Prabhu Salageri strongly believes that this would add to the existing loyal customer base of the company and lead to business growth in the post pandemic era.