Zap Booking: One Stop Portal Addressing Ticket Booking Challenges

Nishant Sadana,Managing Director

Nishant Sadana

Managing Director

Air Travel has become the most chosen form of travel in the recent past and the credit goes to the online ticket-booking platforms that not only offer convenience but one can actually get the best deal on the booking amount. There is particularly an astounding rate of increase in domestic travel with over 30 lakh thousand passengers traveling domestically each day.

Zap Booking is an online platform that offers convenience and the best competitive airfares to its customers. The USP of the platform is that there are no hidden charges involved; the fare that the customer is offered at the starting of the page is the final fare. It is the only platform offering the cheapest deals on airfares and hotel bookings, domestically and internationally. “The high purchasing power if the platform allows it to have a tighter grip on the prices, thus benefitting its customers with cheaper fares than the other platforms”, says Nishant Sadana, Managing Director, Zap Booking.

Offering Convenience One-Page Checkout
Online booking of flights was not a preferred option until recently. There were many factors involved and the majority of them involved trust. However, with technology driving each sector towards digitalization, it became easier to adapt to the online
platform given the convenience that they offer. Zap Booking believes that the entire market is price-driven, while convenience is another factor, getting a better deal is what the customers look forward to, while choosing a platform. Keeping this concern in perspective, Zap Booking came up with the ‘cheapest pricing’ modules that has made it the most preferred platform by its customers.

While Zap Booking believes in a ‘Final Price’ fair policy, that involves no hidden charges, it offers many conveniences in terms of booking. Unlike the other platforms, it does not have a 5-6 page structure that the customer has to forcibly invest his time into; it rather offers a one-page checkout, for a hassle-free booking. Zap Booking is a leading B2B platform and has been in the industry for 10 years now. It knows all the shortcomings of the industry and is carefully invested in solutions that help improve those. While traveling internationally, and flying from one destination to another, in the same country, the customers often struggle with a spike in fares. The prices are subject to many factors such as foreign currency fluctuations that result in an increase in fares, Zap Booking is working upon the solutions that would help keep the prices low on the platform so that customers can benefit from cheaper prices while traveling internationally.

Zap Booking believes in a ‘Final Price’ fair policy, that involves no hidden charges while it offers many conveniences in terms of booking

Great Deals & Discounts
With a huge number of tie-ups on the platform with multiple airlines, Zap Booking has an upper hand in negotiations and can make profits solely out of the commissions offered. This helps keep the prices low and in turn, helps the customers with better deals on the platform. It also offers great deals on meals, rewards, discounts, etc. In case of any changes in travel dates, there is no additional fee charged and the amount is adjusted with the price difference in fares.

Zap Booking is already tied up with leading airlines in India and abroad. It has its own CMS platform to manage the bookings and this involves less operation cost that benefits the end customer. It is further planning to tie up with small airlines abroad and have a separate platform that is solely dedicated to international travel booking. It plans to launch holiday booking on the platform where people can explore the international holidays on the platforms and get good deals on hotels and airfares.