Saloha Tech Solutions: Enabling 360 Degree Walkthrough for Better Conveyance

Kumarswamy Hosmath,Co-FounderNoticing how largely the virtual tour technology has been shaping different industry sectors, diverse customer experience and marketing techniques are also met with conscious efforts after the deployment. One of the sectors that could earn potential benefits with regard to virtual tours is the real estate. Virtual tour is an apt feature that could benefit estate agents to show the customer around the property in the comfort of their own home. Some of the foremost benefits that any sector that adopts virtual tour technology includes the availability of simplified sales strategies and lucid communication of marketing messages. Aware that interactive visuals have a higher impact over images and videos, Saloha Tech Solutions, a tech company based out of Bengaluru, layouts its Interactive 3D Virtual Tour unit that provides 360 degree walkthroughs for various industry needs.

Formulating different industry benefits
Saloha caters its service across industrial, education, tourism, retail and hospitality sectors. The company enables a walkthrough of the industry facility for better communication with remote clients, new joiners and management. For students, virtual tours of historic places shall bring best engagement factor and quicken the learning process. Saloha pictures that the hospitality industry is no exemption from adopting the technology of virtual tour. Conventional methods of photos and videos have its limitations in bringing the full sense of the space. Meanwhile the interactive tour avails total control to the
audience in order to look through space in detail before making the booking. For Saloha, it is the best way to bring transparency and build deeper trust with guests.

With 3D walkthrough renderings, architects and industrial designers are able to communicate their vision in a better way.

There are two versions for the tour as conceived by Saloha; one is designed and the other is built. The designed tours are graphic rendered versions which are the key for communicating the vision even before the space is built. Engineering drawings in 2D or the walk-through videos of rendered version are poor in conveying the story. "Unlike the traditional photos and videos, the 3D tours introduce interaction along with highly intuitive and informative engagements with the content that keeps the audience hooked", explains Kumarswamy Hosmath, Co-Founder, Saloha Tech Solutions.

Being a company that is web focused, Kumaraswamy thinks that accessibility to online content is the primary key in today's scenario. However, for security reasons the company also make sure that offline versions are availed. In the dynamic landscape of virtual tour assistance, drone shot integration is a unique and exciting offer.

Saloha believes in delivering value added services that reflect great impact on end users

One of the clients of Saloha was a real estate brand Assetz. Owing to the persistence and conviction of Kumaraswamy, the brand went ahead and ever since, they are equipped with a virtual tour for most of their projects. The customers, who have booked their home, now get to see it without any delay and at their own convenience. Furthermore, it has helped the brand's sales team to communicate with potential customers. Saloha believes in delivering value added services that reflect great impact on end users. Kumaraswamy is determined to put every effort to make the usage of virtual tour a norm for its adoption across the online portals for realty and hospitality sectors.