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  • 10 Most Promising Virtual Tour Service Providers - 2019

    Despite its apparent limitations, the VR eco­system is flourishing, with a predicted 1,760 VR startups functioning across numerous in­dustry sectors. The deep-rooted perception is for the technology to become a mainstream consid­eration, with uptake shifting from innovators and early adopters to a more mainstream audience. In order for this shift to take place, VR needs to transform beyond niche use cases and find a place in the enterprise and consumer view where it can perform everyday tasks. If this transformation has to develop, it will be driven by ongoing investment in new VR startups and the explo­ration of distinct use cases, both within a consumer-fac­ing context and throughout the enterprise ecosystem. As VR technology is becoming accessible than...

10 Most Promising Virtual Tour Service Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
360 Pano VR Solutions 360 Pano VR Solutions Sandeep Singh, Director Specializes in 360 walkthroughs, 360 virtual reality videos, Virtual Reality, 360 photography, and drone photography.
Envent Digital Technologies Envent Digital Technologies Siddharth Sharma, Co-Founder Offers an array of services like drone photography, aerial mapping, live streaming business and filming of various commercial properties.
Go360 Go360 Shimmy J. Charles, Founder Equips schools, colleges, hotels, e-commerce, real estate, and corporate offices with quality 360 degree virtual tours along with panoramic photography.
Pratham Vision Pratham Vision Mukesh Kumar Sharma, Founding Director Provides virtual classroom solution for all educational institutions and corporate houses that seek to train or educate their people.
Q3 Technologies Q3 Technologies Anuj Mathur, CEO Serves learning management and training delivery solutions for different industries for immersive experience.
Saloha Tech Solutions Saloha Tech Solutions Kumarswamy Hosmath, Co-Founder Delivers 3D virtual tours with 360 degree walkthrough enabled using HDR panoramas for understanding the space, layout, and feel.
Siminfox Technologies Siminfox Technologies Saurabh Panchal, Founder Caters extensive range of web based services and enables various technology services across the globe.
SunTec  India SunTec India Rajesh Bhateja, CEO & Founder Director Supplies comprehensive virtual tour integrated with videos and movie clips for real estate players.
Support Direct Support Direct Sanket Jaya Shetty, Director Allocates companies a comprehensive 360-degree virtual tour that makes business more searchable, findable and clickable.
VA Infotech VA Infotech Nirmik Soni, Director Produces quality photographs with mapping the space that also covers soundtrack, voiceover, video, and stills.