10 Countries With World's Most Beautiful Women

Bangalore: "While If you get simple beauty and nought else, You get about the best thing God invents" a beautiful quote by Robert Browning. Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, while it's true that beautiful women are found in every country of the world, there are a few that stand out from the crowd and produce a remarkably conspicuous amount beautiful women. Traveller's Digest magazine recently came up with a list of countries with most beautiful women. The countries were judged on: 1) Quality of women, 2) Amount of Women per men ratio and 3) Ease of talking to women.

Take a look at top 10 countries with most beautiful women, you may want to urge your parents or your wife to visit one of these countries for the next family vacation, just for the scenery of course.

# 10 Canada

Montreal in Canada is truly one of the world's best cities filled with beautiful women. Canada houses so many universities and colleges and so many women with amazing fashion sense. Although there could be number of things that wouldn't appeal you about Canada but what is appealing about this country is the warmth of the people and the looks of its women.
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1: What a cute little racist article "tall blondes with blue eyes".
Posted by: Brunette - 12 Feb, 2015
2: My cousin is married to a Russian woman, whom he chatted with for months via https://mymagicbrides.com. Once we went to Russia and I was simply shocked by the concentration of beautiful girls all around)
Posted by: williemorris - 30 Jan, 2015
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Posted by: Miss Jan Marie - 03 Dec, 2014
4: That whole statement is so true.
jay replied to: Miss Jan Marie post - 16 Jan, 2015
5: latinas are hot! but the best i think, yeah from venezuela i mean, if you don't agrre it's cuz you will support your country no matter what but let's be real people i'm amarican, i live in ohio i admit americans are not very pretty, i like venezuelans
Posted by: mrsmith - 14 Nov, 2014
6: I gree, Venezuelans are the hottest and i'm not even from there. Go Venzuela, i will marry a Venezuelan lady. :3 lol
Posted by: FrancoisDivaio - 14 Nov, 2014
7: Completely wrong... Venezuelan women are the most beautiful.
Posted by: Trueteller - 14 Nov, 2014
8: superb work. keep it up
Posted by: awais - 10 Nov, 2014
9: 3 types mainly asian white chinese i like asian in tat indian/ pak/ arab.... Arab girls r cute no doubt abt tat but thy dnt show there face nt dress like normal girls
Posted by: blabering - 06 Nov, 2014
10: sorry all its some mistake indian girl only for sex
Posted by: papoo - 06 Sep, 2014
11: dirty mind
seema replied to: papoo post - 20 Nov, 2014
12: indian beauty is unmatched........no doubt at all.
jhonathan raven replied to: seema post - 03 Dec, 2014
13: Agreed with papoo good
STEVEN replied to: papoo post - 06 Sep, 2014
14: yes i am agreed
Corno Corpose replied to: STEVEN post - 06 Sep, 2014
15: yes indeed Papoo
Adriana replied to: Corno Corpose post - 06 Sep, 2014
16: If u ask I think africans are very very beautiful.the reason is anyone can be fair but be dark.and black they say is beautiful.been fair doesnt mean u are beautiful.most og this fair people will have been ugle of they were dark.that is what beauty is all about
Posted by: Millicent - 27 Aug, 2014
17: from italian man Most Beautiful Women are frainces
Posted by: ste - 03 Aug, 2014
18: Ooh lala
Posted by: Geoff Bringer - 01 Aug, 2014
19: Nahhh......were is Filipina womens......diyos niyo
Posted by: Nonito Pilipino Moreno - 01 Aug, 2014
20: A beautiful woman is a beautiful one. Her beauty is not defined by her nationality. There are a lot of beautiful women in each country. It is very inaccurate measure of beauty of women by ranking them in a list of countries.
Posted by: look ahead - 26 Jul, 2014
21: No
You are wrong..
Avishek replied to: look ahead post - 10 Aug, 2014
22: Where is Mexico and Turkey ?
Posted by: Marc - 22 Jul, 2014
23: This is the second list that includes Colombia which is completely fine. What's not fine is that they don't talk about how beautiful they are but how they're somehow better than Venezuela, if you're going to pick a country, cool but don't fucking bring another one down, it makes no sense and only shows intimidation.
Posted by: Anonymous - 30 Jun, 2014
24: Maybe in India there is beautiful women but should be very hide
Posted by: Anonimus - 13 Jun, 2014
25: You ever been to Sweden? If not shut up! The list is true!

I have visited 40 countries and i must agree with this list. Sweden is the shit.. Its hard to walk down the street without turning your head every 3 meters. Yes other countries have very beuatiful women but in Sweden they are extremly common! Its almost unbelievable!

How many of you who comments have actually been to Sweden? Very few i guess. If you visit you will definetly change your mind!
Posted by: German - 12 Jun, 2014
26: With all due respect to Queen EUROPA and Lebanese women, Let us remember the first testament and Delyla from Palestine who fascinated Samson and led him into captivity and his destruction of the temple. I believe Palestinian women and their beauty needs to be considered.
Posted by: Michael Crusader - 09 Jun, 2014
27: yes they are very beauty
Nithya kumar replied to: Michael Crusader post - 23 Jul, 2014
28: Everybody know that Ukrainian are the most beautiful in the world, but Polish not bad also :)
Posted by: Andrew - 08 Jun, 2014
29: I live in Greenpoint , Polish Neighbourhood, for 35 years , I have never seen a Truly Beautiful Polish Woman, some of them are kinda Cute as teenagers, but once they hit about 25 yrs, they already start looking like old Woman [ Babcha}
Johnny Khan replied to: Andrew post - 27 Oct, 2014
30: You have to go back to the Origin of beautiful women. Queen EUROPA from LEBANON. She fascinated Zues who abducted her. Her brother Cadmus went to rescue her and ended by building the Acropolis, teaching the Alphabet and civilizing the west. LEBANON is where beautiful women originate still.
George M Sfeir replied to: Andrew post - 08 Jun, 2014
31: All Slavic girls are gorgeous!
Ilona replied to: Andrew post - 08 Jun, 2014
32: What about english woman
Posted by: a - 07 Jun, 2014
33: You mean those sluts with tons of make up that still doesn't make their ugly faces look better?
Jake replied to: a post - 19 Jul, 2014
34: Germany should definitely be on this list there are so many beautiful women over there.
Posted by: Kevin - 05 Jun, 2014
35: No. Just no. There are no worse looking women in Europe than German.
Pokerface replied to: Kevin post - 19 Jul, 2014
36: according to me the most beautiful girls with sublime n splendid beauty are ETHIOPIAN , RUSSIAN and BANGLADESH! Ethiopian girls have natural beauty . they have this typical complexion ,hair ,smile and eyes which are really different from the rest of the world.Russians girls are sexy ! period! i have seen Bangladeshi girls. they are really beautiful. they have got beautiful eyes and attractive brown skin complexion
Posted by: hananiya - 01 Jun, 2014
37: according to my experience north Indian girls without makeup and never maintain own body and alll.............
Posted by: AVTAR - 26 May, 2014
38: wht abt albanian girls i think they re special .the balkan girls are like that
Posted by: anonimous - 15 May, 2014
39: Filipinas are known for being hospitable and friendly people. But more than that, Filipinas are highly regarded for their unique beauties which come with a rare touch of charm and sexiness. They possess an exceptional and deep sense of allure and graciousness that fascinates men from all over the globe. Women in the Philippines are also known for their caring disposition and remarkably strong family values.
Posted by: Gloucpuxewest - 30 Apr, 2014
40: Give me a break! Asian women from China to Japan are better looking than Phillippinas.

Phillippinas "fascinate men from all over globe" because they open their legs to any body.

They are popular for low class men.

the truth replied to: Gloucpuxewest post - 21 May, 2014
41: Fuckoff you pig
Go piss at your country
Funking pig replied to: the truth post - 24 Aug, 2014
42: You were saying??
lemon replied to: the truth post - 16 Aug, 2014
43: Excuse me?
eishibitkus replied to: the truth post - 29 May, 2014
44: Filipina women in general are so beauty conscious, they love to have a gorgeous body and pretty faces. With the stresses at home or at the office they too need to have a little unwinding to recharge. They go on workouts and spend times to pamper themselves by going to beauty parlors, spas and relaxes by massage. One thing they loves are to pose for the camera and do their own pictorial mostly at the beaches wearing swimsuit. Here are some filipina in their gorgeous swimsuit attire who know how to maintain their physical attributes that many filipino guys loves.
Posted by: Mikaela - 30 Apr, 2014
45: Nice!!! I love to be a fillipina someday...
Marie nahuli ang puki replied to: Mikaela post - 30 Apr, 2014
46: 1st philippines
2nd venezuela
3rd Brazil
4th Ukraine
5th Thailand
6th Bulgarian
7th Sweden
8th Malaysian
9th Angola
10th Dominican republic
Posted by: Jhoye - 30 Apr, 2014
47: Somebody says filipina womens are mixed asian and spanish
Nonito Pilipino Moreno replied to: Jhoye post - 01 Aug, 2014
48: I have filippino x-wife she like to have sex with other men ;(
Patrik replied to: Jhoye post - 15 Jun, 2014
49: LOL... you are much Inglorious.Our women are modest and we have proud on her modesty

Amjad replied to: Patrik post - 19 Jun, 2014
50: LOL... you are much Inglorious.Our women are modest and we have proud on her modesty

Amjad replied to: Patrik post - 19 Jun, 2014
51: i work at this city any company
rajeev verma (raj) replied to: Jhoye post - 06 May, 2014
52: LoL! Striking because more than 80% of South Korean women have had plastic surgery. I know because my ex (who is Korean) told me. I'm currently staying in Asia making round sales trip of heavy equipments. And the highest concentration of pretty girls are in India, Philippines, and Thailand. Yes they have butt-ugly women but the good-looking ones in these two countries (specially in India and the Philippines) are really pretty compared to those in Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Also, India and Philippines are like the only Asian countries that regularly breaks the top ten in international beauty pageants. My current gf is from the Philippines and I'm staying here right now so I might be biased.
Posted by: Engineer Man - 28 Apr, 2014
53: Thanks for admiring the indian beauty although ur gf is not from india...lolz :P
thnx agn..but yes its true dey r naturally, born beautiful.. :)
Kitz replied to: Engineer Man post - 19 May, 2014
54: why not italian?
most Korean have had cosmetic surgery.
Posted by: Matteo - 26 Apr, 2014
55: Ukrainian are the best!
Posted by: Sasha - 25 Apr, 2014
56: Everybody is different to a Degree. My Top 10 favorite Nationality list is here but I could be wrong even by my own standards. 1 Germany 2 Sweden 3 Ireland 4 Czech Republic 5 Norway 6 Hungary 7 Lebanon 8 Finland 9 Brazil 10 Italy Some of my favorite all time Women have been Female Bodybuilder's with bigger than average Arms and Chests that have a German-Irish mix in them.
Posted by: Bob - 24 Apr, 2014
57: U have copied this from internet. Don't think others to b fools
Bhanu Mittal replied to: Bob post - 28 Jun, 2014
58: i think korean people are gorgeous.In many dramas i've seen beautiful actors,especially jang geun suk and park shin hye
Posted by: sivagami - 12 Apr, 2014
59: i think korean people are gorgeous.In many dramas i've seen beautiful actors,especially jang geun suk and park shin hye
Posted by: sivagami - 12 Apr, 2014
60: I think Turkish girls are very beautiful. There are all kinds of Turkish girls. Blondes, brunettes, etc. But I adore Turkish girls who have curvy bodies, brown eyes and long, brown hair. A typical Turkish beauty.
Posted by: Gianni - 02 Apr, 2014
61: I'm sorry to disappoint you but if you see beautiful Turkish woman(even men) then be 98% sure it have Bulgarian gene.
Alot Bulgarian woman were stollen during the Osman empire so.
j. replied to: Gianni post - 17 Aug, 2014
62: they are good when they are young, they don't exercise much so after 35 you can forget about them. The same rule also goes for Russian babes as well.
Ozzy replied to: Gianni post - 23 Apr, 2014
63: Indian
Posted by: job - 02 Apr, 2014
64: according to my experience NORTH INDIAN girls without makeup and they work hard they never maintain the own body and all...............
AVTAR replied to: job post - 26 May, 2014
65: #1:Spanish
#13:South Korean

Posted by: Indianromantism - 29 Mar, 2014
66: Thumbs up for this list. Spain is where the hottest women come from. Uzbeks are so special so as Pilipinos. You included the countries many people missed and took out India, good job!
Ozzy replied to: Indianromantism post - 23 Apr, 2014
67: Persian woman are the first
Sarah replied to: Indianromantism post - 09 Apr, 2014
68: yes persian woman are good, but only at face, their body suck!!
sorena replied to: Sarah post - 10 Apr, 2014
69: #1:Spanish
#7:South Korean
Posted by: INDIAN ROMANTISM - 29 Mar, 2014
70: brazilian,lebonon,philippines,germany,romanian,georgian,venezualean and italian girls have also good body and beautiful faces.
Posted by: ankit i am - 28 Mar, 2014
71: Colombia Argentina jaja ,Puerto Rico is a very very small island and is the second country in the world with the most Miss Universe winners the first is Venezuela and USA they are tie with 7 miss universe winners each
Posted by: allan - 27 Mar, 2014
72: Hahaha wht amesing butful lady in canada iwish to be weth them
Posted by: Musa - 27 Mar, 2014
73: Argentina regular people on the bus https://www.facebook.com/ChicasBondi/photos_stream
Posted by: matt - 17 Mar, 2014
74: haha, such a shit! poland should be 1st, or russia idk..
Posted by: jefffffthekiller - 08 Mar, 2014
75: Did you hear about the Girls from Poland that studied for 2 weeks? They were scheduled to take a Urine Test!
Robby replied to: jefffffthekiller post - 24 Apr, 2014
76: Hey hi ..as per me u r right
Nikhil replied to: jefffffthekiller post - 04 Apr, 2014
77: haha, such a shit! poland should be 1st, or russia idk..
Posted by: jefffffthekiller - 08 Mar, 2014
78: haha, such a shit! poland should be 1st, or russia idk..
Posted by: jefffffthekiller - 08 Mar, 2014
79: haha, such a shit! poland should be 1st, or russia idk..
Posted by: jefffffthekiller - 08 Mar, 2014
80: haha, such a shit! poland should be 1st, or russia idk..
Posted by: jefffffthekiller - 08 Mar, 2014
81: haha, such a shit! poland should be 1st, or russia idk..
Posted by: jefffffthekiller - 08 Mar, 2014
82: This list was obviously composed by a white person.... smh
Posted by: Andre - 06 Mar, 2014
83: maybe.....
mariel21 replied to: Andre post - 10 Mar, 2014
84: But, but, UKRAINIAN
Posted by: Dasha - 06 Mar, 2014
Posted by: MARKUS - 10 Jan, 2014
86: yes absulately you are right.They have multi-cultural nation.They are very exotic.Greeting from germany.I love Turkish girls
HANS replied to: MARKUS post - 11 Jan, 2014
87: Most of the beautiful turkish girls come from bulgarian genes,since alot bulgarian girls/women were stollen during your Osman empire,so .
j replied to: HANS post - 19 Aug, 2014
88: must have missed Philippines..Korea is on the list yet annoyingly they can't even hold a finish in beauty contests..
Posted by: igorotak - 16 Dec, 2013
89: yes, they are the master of plastic-surgery.
SS SCHUTZTAFFEL replied to: igorotak post - 29 Mar, 2014
90: Your the master of the pigs from GERMANY
bitch replied to: SS SCHUTZTAFFEL post - 24 Aug, 2014
91: Rubish!! Best girls are in Slovakia!!
Posted by: Pavol - 18 Oct, 2013
92: True story!
Keiim replied to: Pavol post - 18 Oct, 2013
93: hey according to me I think Indian women's are the top world beauty and a rating of 9 is very bad for Indian women they can be above top 3 or 4 you know
Posted by: jack - 06 Oct, 2013
94: re madharchod indian womens are the most fucking womens in the whole world
Lund ka Raja replied to: jack post - 11 Oct, 2013
95: Randika pacha thoom madharchooth thum india ladkiko polthai thera maa ka jaakey poocho kithana athmi sooth maara . Kithana ghandu maara kithathana athmi uska sooth mey ungly lagaya
indian replied to: Lund ka Raja post - 08 Mar, 2014
96: Randika pacha thoom madharchooth thum india ladkiko polthai thera maa ka jaakey poocho kithana athmi sooth maara . Kithana ghandu maara kithathana athmi uska sooth mey ungly lagaya
indian replied to: Lund ka Raja post - 08 Mar, 2014
97: i see that iranian girls are very cute and pretty and some of them are super models in usa but there is not thing about them
Posted by: sasha - 27 Sep, 2013
98: perfect
mary replied to: sasha post - 08 Oct, 2013
99: So very true ...
shadi replied to: sasha post - 07 Oct, 2013
100: i see that iranian girls are very cute and pretty and some of them are super models in usa but there is not thing about them
Posted by: sasha - 27 Sep, 2013
101: where is india...bhadwo..
Posted by: rohit - 24 Sep, 2013
Posted by: Jo - 21 Sep, 2013
103: What about caribbean women? Trinidad and Tobago is known for some of the most beautiful women because of their vast diversity in race and voluptuous bodies!
Posted by: Jason - 19 Sep, 2013
Posted by: cheezer - 11 Sep, 2013
105: Really? You are an idiot
Hardtalk replied to: cheezer post - 31 Oct, 2013
106: Thank you sweetie ♥♥
Swedish girl replied to: cheezer post - 30 Sep, 2013
107: "WTF" what? Sweden has without doubt the most beautiful woman and if you seriously believe that the color of someone's hair defines your smartness I think we can all agree that you are the dumb one here.
I hate cheezer replied to: cheezer post - 22 Sep, 2013
108: Hello Ladies, Please Take A Few Minutes And Enjoy My True Stories About The Wonderful World Of Key Lime Pies As Well As The Magic Of The Most Beautiful And Gorgeous...“Mrs. Anita Pelaez”... Wife Extraordinaire And The Beauty Queen Of The Key Lime Pie World....“Oh”, What An Honor That Must Be....

Elwood Blues Here,

“AAHHH”, Yes, May Each One Of You Enjoy Your Very Own Key Lime Pie Baked by The Lovely And Most Gracious,…Mrs. Anita Pelaez and Her Handsome And Dashing Husband ….The World Famous Deep Sea Underwater Diver And Treasure Explorer And Hunter Extraordinaire Captain Kutchie Pelaez...Together The Proud Owners Of Asheville’s Own ..."Anita And Kutchie Pelaez’s Key Lime Pie Factory And GRILL, Conveniently Located Near The Biltmore House And Estate In That Beautiful City. That's Known As Heaven On Earth Whenever Mrs. Anita Pelaez Is Anywhere Near... “AAHHH",.. The Magic Of Anita Pelaez And Her KEY LIME Pies... Voted The Country’s Favorite Key Lime Pies For The Past 37 Consecutive Years!

…..That Babe Can Bake Me A Pie Anytime She Wants Too.

For You Guys, Listen Up Here!
You’re Ladies On In Extra High Heat Mode "Easily", Just By Seducing Her
With “Anita Pelaez’s”... Ultra-Sexy Key Lime Pies!..You Know The Pies That Her And Her Famous Husband Kutchie Have Been Baking The For Last 40-Years Over At Their Key Lime Pie Factory Near the Biltmore House and Estate In NC.,..Yeah, That’s The Ones, You Dirty Minds! (Shame On You.)

Anita’s World Famous Key Lime Pies Will Light Her Candle And Make
Her Hard To Handle. Guaranteed That She Will Get A-Hold Of You’re Handle Too….Your Boy Elwood Here Says,….”AAHHH”, The Magic Of Anita Pelaez ..And Her Key Lime Pies!

“Yeah”, You’ll Be “AAHHH-ING” Too!…So Put Your Faith In Anita’s Pies.
In Other Words... "Keep The Faith Baby".


Is what they are all saying true about how eating those World Famous Key Lime Pies Baked In The Carolina Mountains By The Former Miss Florida USA And High Fashion And Swimsuit Model …”Mrs. Anita Pelaez”, ….Surely Everyone Has Heard Or Read By Now That Consuming Her Wonderful Key Lime Pies Has The Ability To Cause The Male Penis Length To Increase 50% Or More. And The Girth Of The Erect Male Penis To Increase To Six-Inches AROUND!….”WOW”, And Add To The Fact That Her Pies Have Been Known To Make Males Multiorgasmic /One Orgasm One After Another With Little Or No Reflationary Period In Between Ejaculations Is Nothing Short Of Awesome!. Why, It’s A Miracle If You Ask Me.. "HELL" It's A Miracle If You Don't Ask Me!..Anyway, You Can Count Me In On That,… That’s For Damn Sure!,….Mrs. Anita Pelaez Is Surely The Undisputed Queen Of Key Lime Pies That’s For Sure……

Yes, There Was A Time For Decadent Key Lime Pies. Pies made And Baked With Love And Caring With The Original Family Recipe Just Like Grand-Ma And Grand-Pa Baked Back In The 1920'S In Old Key West. And Do You Know What?....That Time Is Now At…..”Anita and Kutchie Pelaez's" Key Lime Pie Factory And Grille’, Conveniently
Located In Asheville, NC., Near The Biltmore House And Estate….Yes The First Lady Of Key Lime Pies,..”Mrs. Anita Pelaez” Named Her Latest Book..“For You’re Pies Only”.

…Count Us In Darling, Sweetheart, Please Wrap-Us Up A Dozen Pies
To-Go!…We’re Gettin The Band Back Together……………..

I Know That Your Not Going To Believe This When You First Read It.
Don’t Worry, I Didn’t Believe It Either At First. My Dear Wife Insisted
Or As She Said, That She Was Going To Cut Me Off. Now I Like My Nooky As Well As Anybody But When She Starts talking About Cutting Me Off. Well, Lets Just Make A Long Story Short, If You Want To Continue Eating At The (Y), Then You Had Better Listen To What Mama Is Whispering Into Your Ear. Get The Damn Pies, Enjoyed Them With The Little Lady And Die A Happy Man. End Of Story.

People, If You Want To Have A Lot More Sex, And Who Doesn't? Then
You Need To Start Eating A Lot More Of Anita And Kutchie Pelaez’s Key
Lime Pies! They Work Every Darn Time!

…One Eyed Willie…Smooth Willie…Be Good Willie!…Elwood Blues…Darling,..Don’t Go Breaking My Heart!

Honey, What’s the number to the Key Lime Pie Factory?…We’re Out Again!

The World Famous Captain Kutchie Pelaez Of Key West. "Kutcharitaville". Fame Was Recently Spotted Down In Old Town Key West At Sloppy Joe's Bar Partying With His Old Compadres,...Captain Yankee Jack Of The Bull Fame,...Micheal McCloud Of Schooner's Wharf Fame...Captain Tony Tarracino Of His Own Saloon Fame,...Jimmy Buffett Of Margarativille Fame,...Captain Teri Levi Of Lum's Fame,...Missing Was The Late Great Mel Fisher....Also Missing Was The Late Great Treasure Hunter Captain Roger Burleson And The Late Great Roger "Moon Dog" Turner.,..The Famous Group Of Compadres Were Said To Be Drinking Doubles And Causing Just Lots Of Some Mild-Kind Of Troubles, But Nothing The Waitresses Couldn't Handle. It Seems That All Of The Team Mates Were Wearing..."Captain Kutchie T-Shirts!...We Were Wondering Where They Might Have Gotten Those T-Shirts?..."HUMM" You Don't Think It Was From.....?.?.?.........

Kinda Like Captain Kutchie Says... "I Bet You Can't Say Happiness With Out Saying Penis".

I Guess No Key Lime Pie Story Would Be Complete Without Saying,
"AAHHH", The Magic Of Anita Pelaez And Her Key Lime Pies...

You Know-...It's No Wonder That She's America's Sweet Heart!
Posted by: Elwood Blues - 05 Aug, 2013
109: http://i342.photobucket.com/albums/o418/xringnoobx/obama-laugh-meme-generator-too-long-didn-t-read-cd4208_zps40a7c9e2.jpg
sunny replied to: Elwood Blues post - 05 Oct, 2013
110: I love russian girls and hot too....
Posted by: sandy - 30 Jul, 2013
111: you got that right!
hardtalk replied to: sandy post - 31 Oct, 2013
112: yes where is brazil??
Posted by: Werner - 26 Jul, 2013
113: i'll go to sweden the soonest hahahh
Posted by: aris - 19 Jul, 2013
114: What about Brazil
Posted by: john - 24 May, 2013
115: a boy choses his partner nly n d basis who is gud for dem nt in looks but my heart.i m indian living in mumbai wid beautiful looks nd sexy body but der many girls in india nly who r ten more prettier dan me bt my bf alwaz say he chsn me bcz he find dose qualities in me dat is perfect for him nd other gud luking girls r nly eye candy for boys. peopel see dem pass cmmnts sum can slp wd dem foe wich dey r paid etc etc bt wen it comes to tk life tym dccsns an intelligent normal man alwaz go for girl wid whom he is happy.dis list is nly a tym wastng list.really no 1 cares,today der so much prettier girls everywere that any country cn beat any country so who cares.indian girls r nt so much exposing lyk other country girls so ya der sexiness r nly knwn by der bf.
Posted by: suphia - 26 Jul, 2012
116: What about Lebanese girls,the most beautiful girls in the word from miles
Omar replied to: suphia post - 07 Jul, 2013
117: 10-4 on the Lebanese
Curtis replied to: Omar post - 11 Aug, 2013
118: shut up
james replied to: suphia post - 22 Apr, 2013
119: god gives real beauty always in innocent heart. and our Indian girl are soon innocent in love..
tushar replied to: suphia post - 01 Mar, 2013
120: Hahahaha the black women hahahaah indian girls are cute and innocent who said that bloody bitches!!
Zubair replied to: tushar post - 10 Jul, 2014
121: Fuck indian girls
chunu munu replied to: tushar post - 29 Aug, 2013
122: i fuck your mother bitch's son
raj mishra replied to: chunu munu post - 20 Oct, 2013
123: yore 100% right suphiya. m agree with u.
tush replied to: suphia post - 01 Mar, 2013
124: work on your spelling and grammar!SERIOUSLY!
James replied to: suphia post - 25 Oct, 2012
125: i truely agree and love your comment.. hatsoff lady
amit replied to: suphia post - 16 Oct, 2012
126: Hi guys there is no any where in the world beautiful women. When u saw the girl u ll see her body den u ll say she is good.
Pradeep replied to: amit post - 16 Nov, 2013
127: How about liberian girls
Joseph B. Massaquoi replied to: amit post - 30 Sep, 2013
128: How about Indian guys? Are they soooo innocent in love?
Liva replied to: tushar post - 23 Mar, 2013
129: contact me and then u knew innocent or not.......i am indian............tomarhack@gmail.com
tomar replied to: Liva post - 07 Dec, 2014
130: Fuck u
Junior cpyrus replied to: amit post - 01 Feb, 2013

HGHGFF replied to: Junior cpyrus post - 31 Mar, 2014
132: who care dis i dnt blv in dis.person is beautiful by heart.wat we will do by knwng dat whch country has most beautiful girls.russian girls r available in india in 10000 for a night .dis is nly i knw .i hte such girls who use der beauty to attract involved rich boys.i ask god y u nt made each nd every girl equally beautiful so dat no bf cheat on his gf for another more bttr luking girl.
Posted by: shiyani - 26 Jul, 2012
133: so what the fuck doing here searching World's Most Beautiful Women..go and get fucked.
cool pic replied to: shiyani post - 01 Nov, 2012
134: I think you have a beautiful girl to fuck
top replied to: cool pic post - 25 Nov, 2012
135: I think you have a beautiful girl to fuck
top replied to: cool pic post - 25 Nov, 2012
136: I think you have a beautiful girl to fuck
top replied to: cool pic post - 25 Nov, 2012
137: A man doesn't cheat necessarily with a a better looking girl. It's his fantasy to 'score' over many women and spread his sperm far and wide that causes him to home on to any woman that will let him. Also, the knowlesdge that another woman is willing to have him bolsters his self confidence.
amit replied to: shiyani post - 05 Oct, 2012
138: i franklyy feel indian girls are not so much conscious for der looks den too dey naturally attractive wereas other country girls r so much fashion conscious dey all die to luk sexy nd in india people r nt so much die to loook fab nly girls want to enter limelight r nly waste der tym in mkng der luks extra gorgeous nd also india is plc wer not so fair people r der so fcz fairness lack wch is der in other foreign girls,so dey easily look beautiful but in facial gestures india has very charming girls.see indian actresses lyk kareena kapoor ,deepika padukone,sunny leone(indian pornstar)all r drop dead gorgeous nd ashwariya rai fcz.
Posted by: nitin - 26 Jul, 2012
139: Wow~~~ Seems to take all these in a movie, so that I can see the true world.... :P
Posted by: Mandy - 27 Jun, 2012
140: The women in philippines are very sexy beautiful curvy attractive easy going loving caring hard working english speaking intelligent understanding flexible and good person from within They are injusticed here in the list They can be the best wives as compared to Indian wives
Posted by: Dr M M Oza - 24 May, 2012
141: the woman in philippines have the most beautiful woman in the world not only in beauty hey are chrm hardwork and hospitable ..
princess mae replied to: Dr M M Oza post - 03 Apr, 2014
142: LOL.. your right and the "BEAUTY and BRAIN" is the best description for them. because they always won as the champion or 1st-4th placer to some beauty contest around the world like miss universe,world,international etc.,:)
mariel21 replied to: Dr M M Oza post - 10 Mar, 2014
143: I think I have seen very very beautiful women in English speaking Guyana in South America and Ethiopia inspite of the very little attention they give to themselves, compared to the ones mentioned in your list. These ladies are in-born beauties and not the plastic type ones.
Posted by: Aubrey Sequeira - 24 May, 2012
144: I have no doubt Ethiopian women are the most beautiful in the world. What I am not sure is who is the second most beautiful; may be USA or India.
Ethiopian replied to: Aubrey Sequeira post - 11 Nov, 2013
145: Amen to you!!!!! I am a Guyanese woman!African/Indian mixed
tracy replied to: Aubrey Sequeira post - 08 Sep, 2013
146: I have been to Ukraine, really Ukrainian women's are most beautiful i ever seen.
Posted by: chann - 24 May, 2012
147: Didn't know that only fair skin is beautiful. The list is absolutely rubbish. Bauty comes from within and looks by no mean makes anyone beautiful. Please don't come up with such stupid list.
Posted by: Raj - 23 May, 2012
148: This list is 50% right and 50% wrong. Even though I love the Indian women very much but they are nowhere near the rating given to them. Half a dozen outstanding beuties in a country does not make the country top producers of beutiful women.
Posted by: Subodh Banerjee - 21 May, 2012
149: you are correct.Indian are not as white as the other women on the list, maybe they look exotic and thats the reason for being on the list.

save the environment.
aris replied to: Subodh Banerjee post - 19 Jul, 2013
150: I agree, take the plastic surgery, not much left. Very few have a decent body. They use to have feminine qualities and modesty, but that is gone now days also.
bo replied to: Subodh Banerjee post - 22 May, 2012
151: Awesome!!! Bulgaria and Ukraine truly deserving countries..
Posted by: Nikita - 21 May, 2012
152: All said and done, where is VENEZUELA? Why is that you have missed out this country that has time and again given the most beautiful women in the universe !!!
Posted by: Vijendra - 20 May, 2012
153: Hi Vijendra, please read the article carefully, the writer has clearly mentioned that although Venezuela produces majority beauty pageants but when it comes to local population Colombia has a good ratio comared to its neighbor Venezuela!
Richa Pathak replied to: Vijendra post - 20 May, 2012
154: You missed two countries with a well known reputation for a plethora of exotic striking beauties, Israel and South Africa

Both countries have highly heterogeneous populations. Israel may be the Jewish nation, but the Jews, as everybody knows were history's homeless for 2,000 years, and like all homeless they moved around and intermarried with surrounding populations. Indian Jews look like Indians, Russian and Ukrainian Jews are drop dead gorgeous blonds, ample on top and tight at low altitudes. Jews from Mediterranean countries have sexy sultry Mediterranean looks. About 40% of Israeli marriages are mixed, meaning one partner from European Jewish ancestry, the other from Oriental Jewish ancestry (anywhere from Morocco to India). The result - a stunningly beautiful mosaic of gorgeous stylish women.

SA has a similar history, one of the most diverse nations on the planet, hailing from northern Europe (Holland, France, Germany, UK), central Africa, India, Malaya, Indonesia (tho only people who didn't come from somewhere else are the Khoi-San, direct descendants of the original Homo Sapiens who originated in Africa). For over 400 years everybody has been partying with everybody, and the result is absolutely amazing.
Posted by: Yoni - 20 May, 2012
155: Yes, not only Jewish (Israelite) women are beautiful of all, but also Jews are the most intelligent race on the earth.
Dr. Y.V.Rao replied to: Yoni post - 20 May, 2012
156: I am proud to be an Indian, as we are first in the world to many things. Am so happy to read our "women are perfect blend of beauty and sexiness which is rare to find among other nations". we are beautiful in kindness also.
Posted by: Surech - 20 May, 2012
157: worship the indian women! LOL
aris replied to: Surech post - 19 Jul, 2013
158: I never knew that. R u talking about Bollywood. Look at the millions of Indians who loose their beauty for nutrition, food, shelter ang hygine... Dont dream. I think u have never been out of the country
Indian replied to: Surech post - 24 May, 2012
159: I never knew that. R u talking about Bollywood. Look at the millions of Indians who loose their beauty for nutrition, food, shelter ang hygine... Dont dream. I think u have never been out of the country
Indian replied to: Surech post - 24 May, 2012
160: I never knew that. R u talking about Bollywood. Look at the millions of Indians who loose their beauty for nutrition, food, shelter ang hygine... Dont dream. I think u have never been out of the country
Indian replied to: Surech post - 24 May, 2012
161: Dude u haven't been to india firt of all. you're certainly wrong. indian girls are so gorgeous and kind hearted. look at priyanka chopra, katrina kaif, manisha lamba, malika sherawat etc. google indian beautiful girls and see how beautiful they look. they've smooth skin and sexy body their faces are killing!!
Vish replied to: Indian post - 28 Sep, 2012
162: East or West, India is the best.!
Posted by: Singh - 19 May, 2012
163: i am indian . i am proud of beauty. my country is in top 10. it is expected because india is a swarg and swarg only beauti of everyting is laying.
i love beauty. you wil find full and tight shaped girls, in indian.
kishor jagtap kdjagtap@gmail.com 9975280253.
Posted by: kishor jagtap - 19 May, 2012
164: Ya its a bit racist and we cant summarise that above mentioned country's women are the most gorgeous,in fact you can find many other nations whr u can find even gorgeous women.Mentioned nations are the much hyped one thats all.U can find jaw dropping beauties in middle east but these media dnt emphasize on them bcoz they are not that explored compared to these nations.But anyways its feels good to be a part of livelihood thats surrounded by god's magnamamous work.
Posted by: Vasu - 19 May, 2012
165: As is well said "The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", different people have different concepts of beauty, so unless you define here, what beauty reals means in quantitative terms, this article has no meaning and counts to nothing more than rubbish.
Posted by: abc - 19 May, 2012
166: Vietnamese girls are the most beautiful.. Try to search: Lily Luta or Elly Tran.
Đức replied to: abc post - 31 May, 2014
167: Vietnamese girls are the most beautiful.. Try to search: Lily Luta or Elly Tran.
Đức replied to: abc post - 31 May, 2014
168: You surely haven't seen women of Azerbaijan or Morocco or Vietnam or Somalia or China .........
Posted by: Lutful Kabir - 19 May, 2012
169: Vietnamese girls are the best.. Try to search some name on Google u wll see: Lily Luta, Elly Tran. Angela Phuong Trinh
Đức replied to: Lutful Kabir post - 31 May, 2014
170: Absolutely Racist List! Where's Any African Nation? Is it because they are part of the 'DARK CONTINENT"? Why is there no nation of Black women in the list? And what is the meaning of "an English rosiness of complexion behind the Eastern tan". about Indian women? So women have to be fair to be beautiful?
Posted by: aryaan c paramasivam - 19 May, 2012
171: well, black is beauty dont remember that...
But im not from a dark continent co'z im an asian from Philippines...:)
mariel21 replied to: aryaan c paramasivam post - 10 Mar, 2014
172: The list is obviously white oriented. The poster could not even put up Brazil as their are too many black people there. The poster obviously equates light skin with beauty. There are some black Somalian /Ehtiopian/ South African / Senegalese West African women that would blow many of these women out the water. This colorism as to who is beautiful has to stop. Just because one has lighter skin this does not equate with beauty. Light skin is actually a recessive trait. Its not the dominant world trait.
tracy replied to: aryaan c paramasivam post - 08 Sep, 2013
173: Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, friend. If you're upset that someone who isn't you wrote this list differently from how you would've written it, perhaps you can write your own list.
Jason replied to: tracy post - 22 Oct, 2013
174: Clearly One of the most Ridiculous
Posted by: Aryaan C Paramasivam - 19 May, 2012
175: You have indeed done a marvelous job to identify these ten countries. You should now classify the beautiful ladies of these countries into the Most Educated, Good Natured, Good Height, Good Weight, etc. basis
Posted by: Ratilal Shah - 18 May, 2012
176: Women Are really Beautiful! Loved all the images, But ultimately Indians Rock!
Posted by: Sarah Jane - 18 May, 2012
177: how much more the philippines.. but im wondering that theres no philippines here,,:(
mariel21 replied to: Sarah Jane post - 10 Mar, 2014
178: I love all the pictures the ladies are tooo good..
Imran Ansari replied to: Sarah Jane post - 07 Feb, 2013
Juve replied to: Imran Ansari post - 19 Feb, 2013
180: Lebanon is close to Israel and Jordan. The women are gorgeous
Curtis replied to: Juve post - 11 Aug, 2013
181: hey where is romania?
indian901replied to: Curtis post - 16 Oct, 2013
NAMULI SHADRIAHreplied to: indian901 post - 01 Nov, 2013
183: No way! Its the philippines...because the girls here is so very beautiful...soooo.....we diserved IT...;)lol
joyjoys replied to: NAMULI SHADRIAH post - 21 Jan, 2014
184: Lala and df were prostitute queens
Fuckoffwopityfilipinos replied to: joyjoys post - 24 Aug, 2014
185: amen brother! I've got quite a few phillipino friends. don't wanna be rude but they all kinda slutty.
lala replied to: joyjoys post - 08 Jul, 2014
186: all philippine grils are sluts........lol

df replied to: joyjoys post - 24 May, 2014
187: Only two countries most beautiful womens in the world
hamzath replied to: joyjoys post - 24 Mar, 2014
188: I think, Philippines must be their....because Filipina ladies are beautiful inside and out.
mariel21 replied to: joyjoys post - 10 Mar, 2014
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