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Udaipur Famous for Tripura Sundari temple
This temple is one of the 51 pithasthans in India as per Hindu mythology. As per mythology, Lord Vishnu had cut off the body of Mata Sati into 51 pieces by Sudarshana Chakra and all these pieces fell at different places throughout the country and these places are known as pithasthans. It is said that 'right foot' of Mata Sati fell at Matabari. This pithasthan is also known as Kurma Pith beca... more>>
Agartala Tripura
Agartala is the capital of Tripura state. The average height of the city is 16 meters. This city has grown on a plain besides the Haora River. In the northern region, the city encompasses the low lying hills. Throughout the year, this place has a pleasant climate and the temperature is never extreme. From March to June, there is the summer season and the ambience is warm. From July to Sep... more>>