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District Panipat has a very glorious place in the History of India. It is said that, at the time of battle of MAHABHARAT, the five villages which were demanded by the PANDAVAS from DURYODHANA, "PANPAT" was also one of those, Later on which was Converted in the name of PANIPAT. This district, which is situated 90 KM from Delhi (National Highway Number - 1) on Sher Shah Suri Margà has an signifi... more>>
August 15, 1947, the day of independence of India was also the day of division of a nation into India and Pakistan, this was also the day of division of State of Punjab (Punj+Aab) named so for being the land of five rivers being divided into two states West Punjab gone in Pakistan with retaining Lahore as its capital and East Punjab in India became a state without a capital. Shimla which used t... more>>