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The Maldives, One Of The Best And Most Fascinating Travel Destinations In The World, Is Fast Emerging As A World Favorite For A Superyacht Cruising Journey. Arriving At The Maldives Archipelago Superyachts Will Encounter Groups Of 26 Atolls In Entirely Natural Formation, With Only A Small Number Inhabited, Making Up The Chain Of Islands Waiting To Be Discovered. The Flat Islands Are Formed F... more>>
Local island
The best way to experience the life of an ordinary Maldivian is to travel to an inhabited island.... more>>
The warm seas of Maldives have high visibility throughout the year, with water clear enough to s...more>>

In A Place That Is More Sea Than Land, There Is No End To The Fun Thi...more>>
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Wedding Its A Perfect Place For Dreaming Wedding, With Wedding Bells Ringing For You, You May Want To Get Married On A Maldivian Island; It Might Just Be One Of The Most Delightful Experiences. more>>