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Top Destinations in Gujarat
Bhuj, the beautiful historic city
The picturesque town of Bhuj has spectacular scenery. Bhuj the former capital of native state of Kutch is now the headquarters of the district. Located rather low, it is basically an amphitheatre of hills dominated by the Bhuja Hill that rises to a height of 160 m at one end and is a landmark being flat on top, surmounted by the fortifications of a hill fort. This strategically located fort obv... more>>
Vadodara, Gujarat
Vadodara is also named as Baroda. It is one of the four towns in Gujarat with a population over one million. It is the administrative headquarter of Vadodara district. This city Vadodara has came across a several names from its origin. Two thousand years back, there was a small town named as Ankottak on the western bank of river Visvamitri. In 600 A.D. severe floods in Vishvamitri river forc... more>>
Let us begin our journey where Gandhi began his. On October 2, 1869, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in a 3-storey blue haveli in the city of Porbandar, where his father, uncle and grandfather had all been prime ministers to the Jethwa Rajput rulers of the princely state. The city had been a prosperous trading center for centuries, conducting much commerce with Arabian and Persian Gulf coun... more>>
The lapping waves of the Gulf of Khambat along with the majestic splendor of art and architecture... more>>
A chance meeting with a stranger on the streets of Rajkot sparks of the beginnings of knowing an...more>>
Narmada River
Whatever we tell you, however detailed a description we give, it won't do justice to the body of...more>>