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The Kiradu temples are located at about 35 km from Barmer and 157 km from Jaisalmer in a town situated in Thar desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan.There are five temples in ...more>>
Nakoda Mewanagar is a village in the Barmer District of Indian state of Rajasthan. The village name is Mewanagar in the Rajasthan state. This village was known by the names ...more>>
Chintamani Parasnath Jain Temple is famous Jain temple also known as 'Shri Godisa Parshwanath Bhagwan ka Mandir'. This temple is dedicated to Parasvanath who is a Jain Tirthanka...more>>
Siwana is a Tehsil in Barmer district in Indian state of Rajasthan, located 151 km from Barmer. The place is known for its fort which is locally known as Gadh Siwana, Gadh means...more>>
Raniji ki Baori, also "Queen's stepwell" situated in Bundi town in Rajasthan state in India. It was built in 1699 by Rani Nathavati Ji who was the younger queen of the rulin...more>>
One of the most interesting part of our trip to Rajasthan looking for things to see in the area of Bundi came across Info about Mr Kukki and rock paintings. The ancient rock ...more>>
Taragarh Fort or 'Star Fort' is the most impressive of structures of city of Bundi in Rajasthan. A rather ramshackle fort, with its overgrown vegetation. It was constructed ...more>>
The sea-side town of Diu, you must be expecting to see all things related to the sea and sand - blue water, white sand and, of course, beautiful and unique sea-shells. Yes, you ...more>>
The Diu Fort, is located on the west coast of India in Diu, a Union Territory, administered by the Government of India. The fort was built by the Portuguese during their colonia...more>>
Pithoragarh is a small town, which gives its name to the district. It lies in the centre of the western half of the Soar Valley which resembles the Kashmir valley on a miniature...more>>
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