5 Long Drives for an Everlasting Experience

Bangalore: There is no greater and more pleasing experience than a long drive along a glorious road. Are you the happiest when your feet are on the pedal and hands on the wheel? Then you have to be aware of the following five roads that you must never miss and will never get over once you visit them.
East Coast Road

Do not miss an opportunity to drive along here when you come down to visit the southernmost state of India. Beginning from the old Mahabalipuram road and crossing the tidal park, this road then turns south and skirts the coast till it reaches Cuddalore. However, it is only when you reach Uthandi that you begin to truly enjoy the uniqueness of this drive, with its speed bumps, swerve gates and fishing villages at the coast.
Driving along the road lets you enjoy a view of the Bay of Bengal, the vegetation along the Malabar Coast, and the Hanuman temple. With thatched villages, rice paddy fields, and lunar scapes, the entire drive along this road is an enjoyable one.
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