5 Picturesque Roads Along Waterbodies in India

Marine Drive, Kochi

The scenic road built facing the enchanting backwaters in Kochi is a favourite hangout for the local public. Hundreds of natives and tourists come here to take a stroll in the evenings and to take pleasure of the cool and refreshing breeze from the Vembanad Lake. The walkway has two contemporarily constructed bridges, the Rainbow bridge and the Chinese Fishing Net Bridge. The charisma of the setting and rising sun is beyond words, which adds to the elegance of the place.

Riverside Drive Lucknow

Riverside Drive or more popular as marine drive is situated on the banks of river Gomati, which flows through Lucknow. This famous spot is a crowd-puller during evenings and one of the main highlights of riverside drive is the musical fountain show organized every evening in a nearby park, which attracts thousands from all over the city.
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1: i feel like going to these places.....
Posted by: pavithra - 04 Jan, 2013