Major Museums & Art Galleries in Kerala

Since Kerala emerged as a gateway for Europeans to India from the arrival of Vasco Da Gama in ancient era history of 'Gods Own County' Started in beautiful land. A number of museums in the state showcase the various aspects of the civilization such as the social, cultural, literary and artistic development from that period. Here we prioritized few major Museums and Art Galleries which owned the precious belongings of the state.

Musumes in Kerala
Hill Palace Museum, Tripunithura:The Hill Palace, Kerala's first heritage museum noted for royal collections of the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi, is today the largest archaeological museum in Kerala. Built in 1865, the palace complex consists of 49 buildings in the treditional architectural style of Kerala. Hill Palace exhibited are over 200 antique pieces of pottery and ceramic vases from Japan and China, Kudakkallu (tomb stone), Thoppikkallu (hood stone), menhirs, granite, laterite memorials, rock-cut weapons from the Stone Age, wooden temple models, plaster cast models of objects from Mohenjodaro and Harappa of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Museum of Kerala History:A museum for understanding the history of Kerala and that too born out of an individual's efforts is among the few in India. The Art and History Museum complex has been the realization of Mr. R. Madhavan Nayar (1914-1996), a prominent industrialist and philanthropist With over 200 original paintings and 30 odd sculptures by well known Indian artists, this museum unit is spread over three floors. Some of the noted Indian artists whose works are on display here include that of Ravi Varma, M. F. Hussain, F. N. Souza, Jamini Roy, Kishen Khanna and Nandalal Bose. This museum has among its displayed items a mural painting based on the Classical Sanskrit drama Shakuntalam, done in the traditional Kerala mural style.
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