10 Most Famous and Biggest Dams in India

India ranks third in the world after China, USA and Russia in terms of number of dams. The country has about 4710 completed large dams. With the ever increasing population and the consequent increasing demand for water for various uses, it has become necessary not only to construct new dams but also rehabilitate and maintain existing ones.

Koyna dam
Koyna dam maharashtra

Koyna dam is very popular dam in Maharashtra. It is one of the largest dam in India. It is located at Koyna nagar , satara district. It is a very huge hydroelectric power station of India. Koyna dam is a source of water supply for Sangli city.This dam was constructed in 1963 and has a capacity of 98.78 TMC. The dam has withstood many earthquacks including the destroying earthquacke of 1967 which developed some severe craks, but later on grasting of cracks was done.

The dam is situated in the dense green forests. The natural beauty around the dam is heart pleasing. There are cascading waterfalls ,paddy fields & greenery which attracts large number of tourists over here. This place is blessed with breathtaking valleys & rugged hills.Dam area is surrounded by wildlife sanctuary which is home to number of animals like Sambars, Panthers, Common Langurs, Barking Deers, Gaurs, Otters, Gaint Squirrels, Sloth Bears, Cobras, Mouse Deers and Dholes.

River: Koyna River
Location: Maharashtra
Height: 339 ft.
Length: 2,648 ft
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