10 Best Chinese Restaurants In Bangalore

Chinese restaurants in bangalore
High standard chinese restaurant "Aromas of China" has all the compilation of chinese dishes.

Its astonishing starters like singapore chilli prawns, crispy fried chilli fish, dry fry chilli fish, its butter chilly, pepper salt and numerous more cookeries are just matchless.
The interior of the restaurant is extraordinarily lavishness, its unify contemporary design along with strong Chinese implication, the Aroma of china has ceiling of gold leaf with large hand tinted wall painting that demonstrate the pictures of a Chinese ruler banquet.

Spread over 7,000 sq ft, the restaurant Aroma of China have eight seater spots, an elite three glass enclosed confidential dine rooms where two extra-large Buddhas blend with antique Chinese vases insert to the supernatural atmosphere.

The extremely maintain first class, authentic Chinese experience restaurant lies in quite a lot of province mainly; Brigade Road and Richmond Town.
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