10 Best Himalayan Treks

Bangalore: Himalaya means "abode of snow." If you have been lucky enough to touch the sky from the mountain crests, then you surely have been to the world's greatest mountain range. Experience the thin air with trekking boots on. The Himalayas are simply for hardcore hikers, with challenging course and ancient trade routes. 'Surely the gods live here; this is no place for men', an inspired Rudyard Kipling exclaimed about the Himalayas. So get ready with a strong pair of lungs, good feet and a fine amount of preparation, as we take you to experience 10 best Himalayan treks.

The Snow Lake
The Karakoram Range, featuring some of the highest peaks and longest glaciers, has got a big snow lake in middle of it. Deep over 16,000 feet, the snow lake provides adventurers with the finest view of the Himalayas. But reaching the snow lake is not that easy. The route starts at the village of Askole and proceeds up the 40-mile long Biafo Glacier. This is followed by a 17,000-foot cross between the Hispar La and the Hispar Glacier. The route finally ends at the snow lake and one glance at the magnificence of the Himalayas is all that you want to forget the hardships passed.
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1: super cool trekking article....
Posted by: Sasha - 28 Sep, 2012