10 Countries That Produce the Smartest Kids


Have you ever wondered how tough schooling in China can be? With school starting at 7.45 and finishing at 4.45 , extra classes lead it to 6.45. With classes from Monday to Friday it can extend to Saturday and Sunday too. Homework keeps most children up till ten. A higher focus is placed to mathematics among schools in China.
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1: Errrrrrrr..... where is SOUTH KOREA???? Really? you thought of putting UK and England- which are the same thing- and the States down but nowhere on this list can I find South Korea... "no pressure on homeowrk or tests" isn't the same thing as "being smart"
Posted by: Jane Hudson - 13 Dec, 2013
2: NO, this is plain wrong. DENMARK? Are you fricking kidding me? Newsflash. Denmark is right now turning upside down in an attempt to improve their schools, ever since it was discovered they ranked one of the lowest in school performance, EVEN THOUGH THEY SPENT THE MOST MONEY ON IT.
I should know, I live there.
Posted by: Tove - 01 May, 2013
3: 1. Why do they have the UK and England separately?

2. Since when do students in the US not have to sit national exams?

3. Where's Japan? Austria? Italy? Switzerland? Iceland? Australia? New Zealand? Canada? Israel? South Korea? Norway? All of these countries rank above the US according to the OECD comparison tables, even taking in to account non-OECD countries (and one must also keep in mind that China = Shanghai in almost all tests - it is NOT a national average).

Fact check fact check fact check.
Posted by: MC - 19 Dec, 2012
4: i liked this article. good job
Posted by: eunice - 14 Dec, 2012
5: http://www.tnp.sg/content/could-he-be-singapores-smartest-kid
Sanjiv replied to: eunice post - 17 Nov, 2013
6: Good post. Only one thing. China should be first.
Qiyang replied to: Sanjiv post - 16 Jan, 2014