10 Indian Destinations you can't Resist

The Himalayas

Himalaya's are the world's highest mountain ranges which are located at the north of Indian sub-continent; they also shelter the world's highest peaks.Himalayas are considered paradise on earth and its scenic beauty is a visual treat. Some of the world's vastest river systems arise in the Himalayas and their combined drainage basin is home to some 3 billion people (almost half of Earth's population) in 18 countries!
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Reader's comments(4)
1: Manali one of the best places on earth
Posted by: Akshay Ghadi - 28 Oct, 2012
2: It`s marvelous. Gone there in 2009. The destination of my dream.
Posted by: FEROZE frm MAURITIUS - 21 Oct, 2012
3: nice ......
Posted by: manjari - 28 Sep, 2012
4: Superb and magnificent
Feroze replied to: manjari post - 21 Oct, 2012