10 Indian States with Highest Domestic Tourists

5. Maharashtra

Domestic Tourists Visits: 6.50 Percent

Maharashtra is the third largest state in India by area and second largest by population. It is one of the most wonderful states in Indian subcontinent. With its cultural and geographical diversities it attracts a huge number of tourists. Maharashtra has hill-stations, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries.

Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra is said to be the financial capital of the country also known as "the city that never sleeps". This huge state houses number of beaches such as Juhu and Chowpatti. The cave temples and monasteries are another highly looked for attraction. The Ajanta, Ellora, Elephanta and the not-so-well-known Pitalkhora caves are extraordinary in terms of appeal and grandeur.

6. Madhya Pradesh

Domestic Tourists Visits: 5.20 Percent

Madhya Pradesh is known as the Heart of India as it is the central state of the country. The rivers, green mountains, the dense forest and valleys provide the state its natural beauty. If you want to get the taste of the wonderful state-Madhya Pradesh then you should not miss the ancient cultural of Bhopal, the stone age gallery of Bhimbetkar, the living legend of King Bhoj at Bhojpur, the wonder created by River at Jabalpur and unrivalled Tiger Land-Kanha National Park.
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