10 Most Amazing Temples in Asia

Bangalore: Religion means a thousand words. We humans live life on the basis of an aura called belief and belief is what helped humans in building the sacred path called religion. The world is a faction of varied cultures, landscapes, seasons and colors, but religions provide another dimension to this group. The religions in Asia are so diverse that it gave birth to amazing structures called temples. These masterpieces are the true symbols of our glory- past and present.
So the following features list of 10 most amazing temples in Asia.

Tiger's Nest Monastery - Bhutan
The holiest place in Bhutan- the Tiger's Nest Monastery was built in 1692 and rebuild in 1998 after a fire. This monastery is built in a unique way that it balances precariously on the edge of a 3000 feet high cliff in Paro Valley. Another standout part is that this monastery is build around a cave considered to be holy. Fable has it that the second Buddha, Guru Rinpoche flew onto the cliff on the back of a tigress and medicated in the cave. The monastery formerly called Taktshang Goemba, is now restricted to Buddhists only during religious occasions and are off limits to tourists.
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