10 Most Beautiful and Elegant Reefs in the World

Bangalore: Coral reefs are underwater beauties which can amaze anybody for their beautiful creation and elegance. These corals are usually found in the sea bed and their structures make colonies for tiny living animals found in marine waters. Carol reefs are of different types and each of these natural designs are great and can make people fall in love with it. The world's most beautiful reefs are mentioned below to give you surprises and to make you want to travel to these places without any wait.
The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
It stretches around 2,300 kilometers along the Queensland coast including around 940 islands and over 2,900 brilliantly beautiful reefs. The Great Barrier Reef located in Australia is considered to be the world's largest coral reef and it is also one among the seven largest natural wonders of the world. It is blessed with breath taking beauty and promises a magical experience to all those who dare to dive and explore its stunning treasures. It has around 400 different kinds of beautiful corals, dolphins, coral sponges and about 1500 species of tropical fish, sea snakes, turtles, sharks and other amazing marine creatures.
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1: Great article on reefs... I wud want to visit all these places
Posted by: Roger - 17 Aug, 2012