10 Most Famous and Biggest Dams in India

The Mettur Dam
Mettur Dam TamilNadu

The Mettur Dam is oldest dam India which is located across the river Cauvery in the place of Mettur in Salem District of Tamil Nadu, India. The dam had a long history from the year 1834 to the year 1934.The construction work of the Mettur dam was commenced in the year 1925 and the entire work was completed and opened for irrigation by the Governor of Madras, Sir George Stanley on 1934.The Mettur Dam is also one of the largest dams in the and having a total length of 1700 meters long. It irrigates 1,310 km2 (510 sq mi) of land each year. Its installed capacity for hydro-power generation is 32 MW. The maximum level of the dam is 120 ft (37 m) and the maximum capacity is 93.4 tmc ft.

The dam forms Stanley Reservoir and there is a Hydro-Electrical Power station which produces 240MW.There is a beautifully garden, a park, a temple near the river and the hills surrounding the region makes this place a tourist spot for the visitors.There are several manufacturing factories in this region, which can be visited by the tourist after getting proper permission from them.

River: Kaveri River
Location: Tamil Nadu
Height: 120 ft.
Length: 1700 meters
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