10 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations In India

Bangalore: India has one of those perfect romantic places that you should look out for this Valentine's Day. There are countless places to experience, numerous food items to try and hundreds of unique places to see the sun setting peacefully. Be the greenery in Kerala or exotic food variety of Gujarat, India is filled with glorious places to celebrate Valentine's Day at its best.
So check out for your romantic place that will make the most memorable experience you've ever had.

#1 Nainital


Nainital is a beautiful, serene and a lush green hill station nestled at an altitude of 6,358 feet above sea level. It is situated in Uttarkhand state. Major attractions of this place are snow view, Naina peak, ropeway, horse riding, Tiffin top and boating.
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1: 10 FEB 2013
10 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations in India . As touristic places is an acceptable Publicity. But as for Valentine Places making thus Publicity of Non/Indian Culture Publicity is a wrong approach of Silicon Commercial interest? Thus smuggling US American culture to India? Besides the Gourmets supporting Valentine’s Day contains Non/Veg. products inviting more sickness to India where as in Western realized and attempting to change to Veg. Products? For such Commerce producents and Publicity makers be Question- marked for any damages to INDIAN CULTURE and Indians which has little value in Western.
Posted by: Kamath - 09 Feb, 2013
2: All I have got to say to above is, Sicko, get your brain scanned for ringworms.
Sandeep replied to: Kamath post - 15 May, 2014