10 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations In India

There are more tourist places at Kerala like Kochi, Kovalam beach, Kumarkom and Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resorts.

# 4 Manali


Manali, which is situated in Himachal Pradesh is also one of India's most romantic destinations. The place is known for its ever pleasant weather and breathtaking views just about everywhere. Adventure, sports, amazing spas, exotic resorts, fresh apples, you name it and Manali has it all.
Rafting, skiing, Paragliding are some of the adventurous activities that can be done here. The Rahalla Falls, Malan Valley and Manali Sanctuary are some of the best places to visit and explore.

# 5 Bikaner


If you want a different experience, then try Bikaner. This is a romantic desert destination. It is located amidst Thar Desert in Rajasthan state. This is a well known historical city consisting of religious shrines, beautiful forts and castles. Camel Farm, Junagarh fort, Lalgarh Palace, Kolayat and Devi Kund Sagar are some of the tourist attractions here. The best time to visit this place is from October to February. So you still have the option to choose this destination.
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1: 10 FEB 2013
10 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Destinations in India . As touristic places is an acceptable Publicity. But as for Valentine Places making thus Publicity of Non/Indian Culture Publicity is a wrong approach of Silicon Commercial interest? Thus smuggling US American culture to India? Besides the Gourmets supporting Valentine’s Day contains Non/Veg. products inviting more sickness to India where as in Western realized and attempting to change to Veg. Products? For such Commerce producents and Publicity makers be Question- marked for any damages to INDIAN CULTURE and Indians which has little value in Western.
Posted by: Kamath - 09 Feb, 2013
2: All I have got to say to above is, Sicko, get your brain scanned for ringworms.
Sandeep replied to: Kamath post - 15 May, 2014