10 'Must Visit' Pristine Beaches In 2013

8. Horseshoe Bay Beach:

Horseshoe Bay, the most famous beach in Bermuda, is a class apart from the rest. This horseshoe shaped pink colored marvel has a romantic backdrop associated with it. This scenic beach was rated as the best destinations for couples by an American daily. The carved stretch of sand against the backdrop of crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean makes it really special.

9. Eagle Beach:

Eagle Beach is a Caribbean archipelago located on the cost of Aruba. This beach offers the perfect swimming conditions throughout the year. The adrenaline pumping water sports activities are the USP of this marvelous destination.

10. Rhossili Beach:

Rhossili bay is one of the most scenic beaches in the world. This 4 Km long paradise located in Swansea, Wales, offers one of the best wildlife viewing prospects on the British Isles. It is also a renowned destination for surfing.
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