13 Places to Visit in 2013


Unlike the other places listed in the article, which are famous for its scenic beauty, rich tradition and colourful festivals, Dhanushkodi stands unique. The town is located at the southern tip of the Rameswaram Island, at the eastern coast of the Tamil Nadu and it is more popular as the ruined city. A major cyclone washed away the town in the year 1964, along with the rail bridge connection of the town to the mainland. People visit this place in large numbers to have a look at the ruins, as well as the mysterious Adam's Bridge, otherwise known as the Ram Sethu.


Ganeshgudi is a bird sanctuary cuddled in the Western Ghats near the banks of the River Kali in Karnataka. The hornbills, the Malabar grey and the Malabar pied hornbills are some of the exclusive varieties of birds found here, which draws the attention of tourists.
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