5 Most Amazing Churches of Goa

Churches of Goa

India's most famous tourist destination, considered the smallest state yet the richest one; Goa has its own charm and magnetism that can grips millions and millions of tourists every year.

Considered the paradise terra firma, Goa owns several glorious looking beaches, stunning cascade, world heritage architecture, opaque plant life where the biodiversity hotspots Goa is also personified with its enthralling place of worship.

Distinct from the remaining divisions, the diminutive state, Goa stood at a distance since the enclave ruled by the Portuguese. Contrasting from the lingering parts of the country, yes; the state haughtily displays its magnificence and enthusiasm of Portuguese architecture.

Till today; the reminiscence of the Portuguese still relics, marvelously architectural churches and houses transversely spotted in the heavenly splendid land of Goa.
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