5 Must Go To International Destinations during Winter

As winter approaches, we find ourselves wishing for winter wonderlands with the excitement of Christmas and New Year coming to experience something unique and unseen. Easy said than done, finding the right place to park ourselves is one Herculean task. But letting you just put your thoughts on what to pack and what not, we bring to you five internatinal holiday destinations you can choose from to make your vacation memorable.

Prague- Czech Republic

If someone tells you Prague is a beauty in summers, tell them Decembers add more to it. The gothic architecture of the city provides the perfect backdrop for sugary pastries, roasted ham and warming up with mulled wine; add to it the major holiday shopping for Christmas in old town and Wenceslas squares. The streets are covered with food and beverages stalls and traditional Czech goods & ornaments with frenzy of holiday carols and lights in every nook and corner you roll your eyes. The must see places are Charles Bridge, Prague Castle which has history of decades, old town square, and St. Vitus Cathedral.Forthose who have love beer, you can literally bath in all the finest brews . The best ever Beer is here!!!

Amsterdam- Netherlands

Famous for its historical attraction and great art, for distinctive color & flavor of its old sections that has been preserved so well for years, Amsterdam is every tourist's major holiday destination. You can visit the age old museum that tells you the tales of history, for e.g. Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum and the renowned Anne Frank House. The best ways to explore the city is by a boat tour through the historic canal ring or book a bicycle and roam around in the locals in the native.

Vienna- Austria

Vienna has an artistic & intellectual legacy shaped by great personalities like Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. The city is also known for imperial palaces, masterpiece-filled museums and more vibrant epicurean and design scenes & art pieces. If you are coffee person, then Vienna has the best coffee culture in the world with the best taste. Vienna is also known for finer Austrian wines, spectacular cakes, elegant restaurants, and their experiments with the local & fresh flavor combinations in innovative ways and often repurposed venues. It entices locals & visitors with splendid attractions, world-class events, and excellent public transport and city bike scheme, fabulous eateries, cafes, bars, wineries, artisan shops and exciting street markets. This place is consistently rankest for offering the best quality in the world.


What makes the trip to Norway an unforgettable one is the wonderful nature with panoramic view, numerous outdoor activities and SPA centers. This place is the gateway to the Fjords of Norway where you can explore the wildest & loveliest sides by roaming through the living history. Bergen is famous for the seven mountains surrounding the city centre, the Hanseatic Wharf, the fish market and one of the Norway's biggest cultural events: the Bergen International Festival which is held every year. Since 10 percent of the Bergen's population is students, it adds a fresh and youthful mood to the city's vibe and is home to diverse restaurants, pubs, craft shops and historic museums.

New York City, U.S.A
New york

The city never sleeps, even in the coldest day of winters. That is what has made it the most lovable destination for tourists. Especially during Christmas, the place is in the bucket list of all travelers. With options to spoil you, you can either enjoy trolling past fifth Avenue shops, or a glide around the ice rink at Rockfeller center, including a lap underneath the world's most famous Christmas tree, and all of the elaborate holiday window displays. New Yorkers enjoy a brighter spirit during this time of year, and you can hear the carols echoing throughout the subway stations and on the streets making you feel Christmassy.
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