5 Breathtaking Waterfalls Around the World

''A picture is worth a thousand words''- the sentence is absolutely true, especially when it comes to stunning photographs of our mother earth. You don't need much words to describe these dazzling waterfalls; the photographs alone are enough to seduce anyone.
Angel Falls

Located amidst a forest in Venezuela, the trip to Angel falls is quite adventurous and complicated; but the views awaiting you are worth the effort.
Also known as Kerepakupai meru which means ''waterfall of the deepest place'', the falls have been named after American pilot Jimmie Angel who discovered the place in the year 1937, after an emergency landing here.
Standing at a height of 1024 m, Angel Falls is the world's tallest waterfall and the top tourist attraction of the nation.
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Reader's comments(3)
1: The picture given as Angel falls is not correct. The picture shown is of Seljalandsfoss in Iceland. I am sure since I have been there :) !!
Posted by: Viju - 11 May, 2013
2: Also the picture of Minnehaha falls is incorrect. I live near there and have been there several times.
Jace replied to: Viju post - 11 Oct, 2013
3: Yes dude u r quite right the uploader is an idiot
ivanovic bitch replied to: Viju post - 06 Jul, 2013