5 Countries Where People Live Longer

Life expectancy is probably the most important measure of health and every specific area on earth has its own average age of living, which depends on numerous factors. Here is a list of the top 5 countries where people live longer, as listed by Miriam Weiner of Yahoo-

5.San Marino

Average Life Expectancy: 83.07 years
San Marino, which is officially known as the Republic of San Marino situated on the Italian Peninsula, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and the economy of the nation mainly depends on finance, industry, services and tourism. Manual labour is less in this country and hence work-related deaths are also very less.
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Reader's comments(7)
1: Corruption should become zero,nil level and by keeping nature pollution free and taking care of natural resources this is possible in India also like before 100 years in India also average life 85 years.
Posted by: Balaji - 21 Oct, 2012
2: when will India come in this list.......
Posted by: ram - 05 Oct, 2012
3: when will India come in this list.......
Posted by: ram - 05 Oct, 2012
4: India will never come in this list because it is paradise of corrupt people. Let not wàste our precious time. Come forward help the needy,
kashyap replied to: ram post - 07 Oct, 2012
5: No Country in the World is Corruption free. LE Depend on Standard of Living. Jindia Has to improve his Standard of Lining to Improve LE.
Parmesh Sharma replied to: kashyap post - 18 Oct, 2012
6: Dear one solution for all Corruption Govt has to put Live Camra's
Mohamemd Abdu Fasi replied to: kashyap post - 13 Oct, 2012
7: Corruption is in all countries, may be exceptions too, but the degree of corruption is to be accounted. Corrupt people alone do not represent a country. India will also will come in this list later.
Natarajan replied to: kashyap post - 11 Oct, 2012