5 Grand Places to Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi in India

Ganesha Chaturthi2014
The best place to come upon the glory of "Ganesha Chaturthi" celebration is the state of Maharashtra, especially in the city of Mumbai. Amid the celebration, the city is echoing with the serenade of "Ganpati Bappa Morya" from each curve of the path.

The festivals start with the set of tremendous carved idols of the Lord Ganesha on the high platform. After the stronghold of the symbols, a ritual is performed, presents a ton of mantras as Pranpratishtha Puja. Offers sweets, flowers, rice, coconut, jaggery and coins where red Chandan powder is spread on the icons. Present all the ten days with music, move, drama shows, and social occasions in every road of Mumbai. Uncommon celebration happens at the tremendous Lord Ganesha sanctuary "Siddhivinayak" which is found in the focal suburb of Prabhadevi.

Undeniably, the state Maharashtra is downpour with light and life where boundless numbers of fans visit sanctuary to join the prayers. Moreover roughly 10,000 statues of Lord Ganesha are shown at different locales in the city.
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