5 Grand Places to Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi in India

Ganesha Chaturthi2014
In a very distinctive formal ways, the grand festival Vinayak Chaturthi or usually known as Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated at Karnataka with prayers offers to Gauri who is the mother of Lord Ganesh. In Karnataka each wedded lady offers their petitions to God to Gauri to get endowments for their durable wedded life.

Revived to life on earth with the head of an elephant, the birthday of Lord Ganesha is seen in the lunar month of Bhadrapad in Hindu , shukla paksha Chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period). Commonly, the day falls in the centre of August and September and closures on Ananta Chaturdashi. The India's most grandest and religious festivals "Ganesha Chaturthi" is last for 10 day in Karnataka. Prevalently, contrasting from others, the festival celebrates in a very unique sanctuary of Karnataka where Lord Ganesh is well-regarded alongside with his mother Gauri.
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