5 Marvelous Temples Around The World

2. Wat Rong Khun: Wat Rong Khun is one of the most amazing temples in Thailand. This is a Buddhist temple that combines traditional designs with modern and contemporary art.
The magical white paint with sprinklings of gold and mosaic mirrors make this temple stand out among other Buddhist monasteries across the world. The white color of the temple represents purity of Buddha. Built in 1997, the temple is located in Chiang Rai.
3. The Golden Temple: The Golden Temple, popularly known as the Harmandir Sahib, in Amritsar is the most sacred place for Sikhs. The temple is build on an artificial island, which now serves as one of the favorite meditation places for Sikh followers. Decorated with gold plated sculptures and precious metal, the temple’s construction began in 1500. This temple has a Mirror Room that is decorated with stately symbols shaped like an umbrella. It is located in a pavilion topped by a dome. The holy Sikh bible "Grant Sahib" Is always present in the Gurdwara.
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1: useless list,
Posted by: Kumar - 23 Jun, 2014
2: idiotic list where is ankur and tanjore in the list... n madhurai meenakshi amman temple
Posted by: Bala - 07 Jun, 2014