5 Most Amazing Churches of Goa

Churches of Goa
Rachol Seminary and Church
The Primatial Catholic bishopric church Rachol Seminary and Church situated almost 12 Kms far from the south Margao of Goa, the church sited in the vicinity of the banks of Zuari River.

The Portuguese customary trend church was shortly re-enacted again in 1580 and was renewed into the Diocesan Seminary in 1762. An astounding Rachol Seminary and Church are enclosed by the carcass of a Muslim fort where its striking golden-haired rice field’s countryside is breathtakingly miraculous.

In 1616 the replication of Christian literature’s first printing press in India was net at the seminary where an exceedingly preserved, 4 centuries old, multifaceted church was dedicated to the creator of the Jesuit, the St. Ignatius Loyola.

According to the mythology, in 1782, sliver of St Constantine bones and a vial of his blood brought from Rome thus the church have a constant figurine of St Constantine.
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