5 Most Amazing Churches of Goa

Churches of Goa
Church of St. Catejan (1700)
The 17th century, Greek and Italian priest's church, modeled on St. Peters Basilica of Rome. The 300 years old, Church of St. Catejan stands contrary to the Se Cathedral church of Goa.

Fine intend structure of the well preserved church, the Church of St. Catejan ostensibly is short of tourist attention due to its masterpiece nevertheless the 300 years old building has its own charm and attractiveness where the church is considered one of the famous churches that were assembled during the Portuguese regime.

On the face of the church, there are different altars devoted to different holy gods; precisely on the left of the church there is three alters of the Holy Family, St. Clare and Our Lady of Piety. On the right side there are altars enthusiastic to St. Catejan, St. Agnes and St. John. One of the most amazing churches of Goa, the Catejan Church is an illustration of Corinthian architecture.
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