5 Most Amazing Places For Tent Cottage In India

Tent Cottage In India
Golden deserts extend into moving slopes of ruby-hued earth, scattered with the desolate heavenliness of aged ruin.

Jaisalmer Desert Camp wanders experience is an exceptional joy, charms, uniqueness and the fervor of the desert life. Almost all the tented camps are spotted at Sam Sand Rises. The Serai Jaisalmer camp lies 52 kilometers east, Damodra Desert Camp & Ratnawali Camps on Sam Road, Prince Desert Camp Jaisalmer on Sam Village and 40 minutes Pabu Ki Dhani Eco Farm of Jaisalmer. Almost every tent is more than a thousand square feet in size and has outside unwinding zone, secured parlor, an extensive room and en suite lavatory. Undoubtedly, the major attractions around Jaisalmer also the fairytale city, the Thar Desert offers numerous opportunities to go Glamping too.
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