5 Most Delicious Delhi Street Food

Delicious Delhi Street Food
Aloo Tikki
Considered one of the trendiest Chaat in north Indian lanes or sometimes measured as snacks. The blond fried potato Aloo Tikki is habitually overstuffed with peas or with Dal that served with an assortment of piquant chutneys and every so often with Chole (chickpeas).

Today's most hunted crispy, boiling, and pleasing street food "Aloo Tikki" of cart retailer Bittoo Tikki Wala's was once the muddled superfluous street food however the time overhauls the perception and essence of this street food.

Among the best places where one can gobble Aloo Tikki in the big metropolitan city of Delhi are "Nathu's Sweets" stands just behind the Connaught Place is considered one of the inimitable places to eat an extraordinarily delicious Aloo Tikki Chaat merely in Rs 60.
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