5 Most Famous Budget Hotels in Udaipur with Lake Views

India's most romantic city also considered as one of the Best Wedding Objective of India. Grandeur and royal feel the land of majestic; Udaipur is one of the most beautiful places with various lake perspectives budget hotels.

Budget hotels in Udaipur with Lake Views

Known as the city of lakes and castles, Udaipur is an enchanting place in India. Its settings, particularly its wonderful looking palace; contemporary wedding venue ceaselessly wins endless number of guests from all over the globe. The city also has different budget hotels where there are plenty of inexpensive Havelis which offers magical Lake Views.

Jaiwana Haveli

Considered as one of the most popular budget hotels in Udaipur, the Jaiwana Haveli was once the private residence of the Thakur of Jaiwana. Located in Lal Ghat near Jagdish Chowk stands right on the banks of Lake Pichola, an unbeatable Jaiwana Haveli got 24 rooms for guests. A proficiently run by two siblings, Jaiwana Haveli is an exquisite midrange choice for spotless, uncomplicated rooms with great bunks; a few rooms are finished with appealing square printed fabrics. A typical twofold couch room is 2,250 rupees a night, plus tax, while a corner room generally charges around 2,450 rupees. Corner rooms which are numbered 11, 21, and 31 have an ideal lake view. The hotel offers considerable discounts on its rates during summer times from mid April to mid July.

Jagat Niwas Palace

Spotlessly whitewashed hotel, spotted on Lake Pichola at Lal Ghat close to the Jaiwana Haveli, Jagat Niwas Palace is gorgeously decorated with paintings, mirror work and antiquated furniture. Well thoroughly considered out as one of the budget hotels in Udaipur, the Jagat Niwas Palace restaurant and porch offer the most delightful lake views and tranquil air with a lot of spots to sit and unwind. Known as the only hotel that owns the bar that serves alcohol in the area, Jagat Niwas Palace staffs are extremely frank. Rates start from 1,800 rupees per night in an inexpensive room; the rooms are placed in a different area and have no lake sees. On the other hand, they were recently renovated, spacious, spotlessly clean, and have air conditioning too.

Mewar Haveli

Implicit the style of an old Haveli, the Hotel Mewar Haveli has 12 exquisite and brightly decorated rooms overlook the lake. Found at Lal Ghat the hotels two restaurants serve the most vegetarian Indian, Chinese and Mainland dishes. The hotel rooms have a tendency to be little small although comfortable. The room rates begin from 1,550 rupees per night for a standard twofold room with air conditioning. Unlike other hotels, the hotel also has a lift.

Aashiya Haveli

Among the most excellent Lake Views Budget Hotels in Udaipur, roughly 220 years old Haveli for Aashiya family, redesign attempts to change over it into a hotel in 2006, Aashiya Haveli is arranged at Lal Ghat. It has 12 choice and family rooms to pick. The haveli promotes itself as a traditional home stay and it receives excellent reviews. Extremely unique with its own individual charm, the hotel serves 24 hour hot water where the room rates range from 1,500-2,000 rupees per night.

Pratap Bhawan

Pratap Bhawan is another popular Udaipur budget hotel, situated in Lal Ghat. With new administration since late 2010, the Bhawan has very helpful staff and provides brilliant service. Wi-Fi is accessible alongside different classes, including cooking and yoga. There are nine rooms to browse, some with beautiful padded window seats and narrows windows. Room rates range from 1,500-1,800 rupees per night, plus tax. All rooms have air conditioner. The best room and most expensive one is on the top since the room offers a mesmerizing, panoramic 360 degrees outlook of the lake and view of the Old Town.
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2: While zeroing down on a hotel of your choice in udaipur, you have to struggle hard to choose the hotel of your choice as you’ll be faced with a wide array of choices. Choosing the one that meets your needs and requirements out of the available options can prove to be a daunting task. A little bit of initial research will definitely ease your task and can really make the difference. Here we present a quick checklist that can you can seek for while booking a suitable hotel online.

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