5 Most Luxurious Airlines of the World

Bangalore: For those who enjoy luxury in the sky, and often fly around the world in style and comfort, some of the airline companies around the world offer the plushest service. The airlines have introduced spectacular ways to upgrade their facilities and impress their elite customers and to keep them coming back.
The First and Business class sections that these airlines offer are an ideal option for those travelers who love to indulge in the finer things in life even when they are 30,000 feet above the ground.

Swiss Air


Swiss has a longstanding reputation for courtesy and efficiency, and until now their reputation remains solid. They are referred as ''beds above the clouds'', wherein their flexible seats allow passengers to adjust his/her seat according to person preference- from soft water-bed like texture to a firm one. One interesting facility they offer are the onboard cameras let you watch the world in front of the aircraft as well as below it. Foot rests have multi-speed foot massagers so passengers can relax while reading or entertaining themselves on the multimedia system.
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