5 Most Popular Churches In India

popular churches in india
Velankanni Church
The cathedral which is known as "Our Lady of Good Health" or Velankanni Church is located at the diminutive urban of Velankanni in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The most horrified churches for the Christian throughout the world, the Roman Catholic Latin Rite church are dedicated to "Our Lady of Good Health". The three miracles of the church are spirit of Mary curing lame of buttermilk, endurance of Portuguese sailors from sea storms and Jesus to slumbering shepherd boy.

The amalgamation of multicultural, international and religious harmony shrine, the mysterious holy place is believed that devotees proffer candles to the Mother, be it for their poor health to cure, having said that the candles are in different outline akin to heart, lungs and so on where it depends on the condition of a person.
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1: The standard if writing in this article on the top five churches in India is embarrassing and puts your online publication to shame. For example in the article on Velankanni, you refer to the "mos horrified churches...."That is shameful, juvenile level of writing. Don't you have an editor wwho reviews the articles?
Posted by: Robert William - 16 Apr, 2016