5 Most Wonderful Wedding Destination in India

Wedding Destination in India
Bangalore, India
Well known as the famous metropolitan city also known as "the Garden city of India", Bangalore is one of the best Wedding End in the Nation as the city possesses an absolutely most delightful venue for wedding. Among the most popular venue, the Palace Ground is the poshest place in Bangalore for the marriage festival. Obviously, the open grounds thump in the focal point of the city offers the best venue for an expansive social event.

Combined with the worldwide sense and cosmopolitan, Bangalore offers the most incredible wedding end of the line. A perfect wedding in an extraordinary style of Leela Palace, enclosure of lovely trees the Sheesh Mahal, Bangalore’s just fabulous lodging the Taj West End, the fabric themed embellishment; the sunshades or the moonlit heaven Bridal Villa, the Oberoi Bangalore, Golden Palms Hotel and Spa are astonishing.
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1: A water wedding in Dandeli would be an enchanting celebration of love, where the serene river and lush surroundings become witnesses to a truly unique and unforgettable union. The gentle flow of water symbolizes the continuity of life and the promise of endless growth, making it a perfect setting to embark on a journey of togetherness and harmony.
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5: You forgot to mention the lavish Nizam Palace hotel venues of Hyderabad
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