5 Mystifying Hill Stations in South India

Ooty: Ooty is the on the tip of the tongue of majority of the people when asked for a refreshing holiday destination.

It is the most popular and largely known hill station in India in the laps of Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu. The marvelous and well crafted landscapes, majestic waterfalls, spiraling water streams and amazing tranquility daunts Oooty. It's the best place to rejuvenate yourself and the offering made by Coorg leaves you amazed. The rich culture, maintained tradition is inspiring and with less density of population, Coorg has serenity and peace in its lap. It is referred as the Scotland of India and is said that the charming beauty of Coorg dragged British to this place which a lot of ancient history attached to it. It has got the reference, 'Scotland of India', as the British left it with this title.
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