5 Places to Celebrates Diwali

The festival of Lights, an extremely social and diverse cultural festivals; Diwali is generally 5 day celebration yet individuals begin its masterminding since a week ahead by cleaning and outlining their family units. There are many reasons behind this celebration yet Diwali connotes the triumph of heavenly drives over a profound darkness or the happiness of the triumph of Lord Krishna over the devil Narakasura where in North India, Diwali is connected with the recurrence of Sri Rama to Ayodhyaa in the wake of vanquishing the evil spirit Ravana.

Celebrate the biggest Diwali

It is a festival that lights up the darkness from life, marks the commencement of a new year and reinforces close friendships and knowledge with a self realization.

Places to See in India during Diwali


The biggest city of the Royal city of Rajasthan, a warmly alluded as the Pink City because of its pink dividers and structures of the old city, Jaipur is stuns with lights and colors amid Diwali celebration. Its old structures, imperial royal residences, verifiable landmarks are embellished with lights, blooms and other ornamental pieces. As it gets darker it gets more lovely and brighter. The vibrant city of Jaipur becomes a hot spot for foreign tourists where the spot demonstrates its real nature of Indian society, merriments and festivals.


As we all know how pretty the place Varanasi can be yet it becomes even more wonderful and beautiful during the festival of Diwali with a constant stream of firecrackers and fireworks going off all night long. Experience the traditional Diwali celebrations in Haridwar and Varanasi. Experience the customary Diwali festivals in Haridwar and Varanasi. The Ghats or the sanctuaries are finished with a large number of Diyas and flowers where the whole region is drenched in rich aromatic flavors of incense sticks.


Kolkata is quite unique compared to other cities when it comes to celebrating Diwali. The state Kolkata is the one of the best end to celebrate Durga Puja anyway it is an extraordinary spot to commend Diwali as well. Diwali here in Kolkata is praised with incredible energy and enthusiasm. The resonances of crackers, lights of lamps, aromatic fragrance of flowers and incense sticks adds to the glory of the place.


Delhi celebrates its Diwali in its own exceptional way. For a luxurious Diwali experience, there is no other spot like Delhi. The festivals here are tremendous where the entire city melancholies with lights, enrichments and off course the sounds of crackers. People exchange sweets and gifts are essential.


It may not be a standout amongst the most conventional venues to witness Diwali, yet it is seemingly a standout amongst the most dynamite place that offers you some best encounters to commend Diwali would be Marine Drive. The arc of the Queens necklace provides gives splendid scenery as the blasting firecrackers are reflected in the shimmering waters of the bay.
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