5 popular Buddhist Monasteries in Northern India

Buddhist Monasteries
Hemis Monastery, Ladakh
One of the biggest Buddhist monasteries likewise is considered as the most famous monastery in India. The gorgeous looking Hemis Monastery of Ladakh lies 45 kilometers southeast of Leh in the Hemis settlement.

The 1672 restored Religious community by the sovereign Senge Nampar Gyalva, the Tibetan building planned, the Hemis Monastery, which is well known for its rich compilation of old leftovers, curios and consecrated Thangkas.

In the beginning of the month of June, the famous Hemis monastery’s annual Hemis festival, idolization of Padmasambhava festival is celebrated with countless magnetism like Mask Dances of Ladakh and Tantric worship from the Monks.

An undemanding convenience and foodstuffs accommodated the vacationer amid celebrations time where some villager tenants additionally proffer home stay hotel to guests.
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