5 Unexplored Hill Stations of India

Tawang Hill station
hill station

Tawang, the land of Monpas is one of the magnificent hill stations in the district of Arunachal Pradesh, at an altitude of about 3500m. The tranquil hill station is known as the land of Monpas as the Monpa tribes are the major domination in this region. The place is renowned for its serene environment and natural beauty. The hill station is encircled by Tibet in the northern side, Kameng in the east and Bhutan in the south-west. The place has Buddhist influence in its culture and lifestyle. The place attains its beauty mostly during snowfall in the month of December and January. The major attractions are Tawang Galden Namgyal Lhaste also known as Tawang or Gompa Monastery, which is a 400 years old Mahayana Sect Buddhist Monastery in India and Pankang Teng Tso Lake. The place is also renowned for adventurous activities like rock climbing, paragliding, skating and river-rafting.
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