6 Best local restaurants in Bangalore

New Modern Hotel VVPuram Bangalore

New Morden Hotel (NMH) VVPuram:

The hotel was started in 1959 by Mr S Lakshminarayan Rao. Mr Adiga was working as a cashier at that time. On May 22 1964, he bought the hotel from Mr Rao and has been running it since then.It is completely old school as far as the structure goes. Little boards at convenient places tell you what is available and that a by two service is not going to happen. You won't really want it to once the food starts coming. We started with a vada each and a pineapple kesari bath.he meals are freshly prepared and yet easy on the pocket. Badam Halwa, Jamoon, Peni and Chiroti are some of the popular sweet delicacies ordered often by the patrons. NMH is reminiscent of a bygone era, so ambience, seating or service however lack lustre, makes little difference.

NMH Special: Crisp Vadas, ghee laden Dosas and the aromatic coffee are a must have in this popular quick service restaurant.

When: 7 AM to 9 PM (Mon-Wed, Fri-Sun), Thursday Closed

Adress: New Modern Hotel, AN Krishna Rao Road, Near Minerva Circle, VVPuram, Bangalore
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