7 Longest River Bridges In India

Kolia Bhomora Setu
Kolia Bhomora Bridge Tezpur Assam

Bridge over the river Mighty Brahmaputra.Kolia Bhomora Setu is a pre-stressed concrete road bridge over the Brahmaputra River near Tezpur in Assam (India). It is named after the Ahom General Kalia Bhomora Phukan.Kolia Bhomora Setu Bridge which connects the Sonitpur District on the north Bank of Rover Brahmaputra and the Nagaon District on the south bank of River Brahmaputra.This 3-kilometre long bride is an awesome concrete road-bride which gives magnificent views of River Brahmaputra and the hills on the shore of the river. Once done with a drive on the bride go boating under the bride. That would complete the bridge-affair .
Named after the great Ahom General Kalia Bhomora Phukan this bridge was constructed in 1987.

There are 27 foundations of the bridge out of which a total of 25 are open wells. Raft foundations are also used in the first pier and in the North abutment. The wells were dug as down as 56metres to tackle and negotiate any seismic disturbance. The encountered strata were hence mixed with pebble to make it stronger.The Kolia Bhomoru Project was a special project for the government of India as it strengthens upon reaching the seven sister states by connecting them to the main land. The project started in 1981 and was finished and commissioned into public uses in 1987 post which people used its 3kms long road to cross the Brahmaputra with ease.

Total length: 3,015 m

Location: Tezpur
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