7 Pleasing Cruise Destinations Around the World

Bangalore: Ever since the days of titanic a cruise holiday is been everyone's dream and fascination. Up until recently cruise holiday were only for the rich and famous. But now things have changed with budget lines cruise companies, almost everyone's dream of going on a cruise can be fulfilled. Let's have a look at the most beautiful and enigmatic cruise destinations of the world.


7. Bermuda

Bermuda is a country with beautiful pink sandy beaches with clear, cerulean blue ocean waters. These very same beaches make Bermuda a top cruise destination. Bermuda also has some really strange natural phenomenon, bizarrely shaped rocks, mysterious and intriguing coral reef which are waiting to be explored by the world. Bermuda is a scuba diving paradise with its numerous wrecks to explore. The local people make the stay at Bermuda charming as they are always ready to engage in a friendly banter with you over a drink. Bermuda is not all about beaches alone; you can visit the Historic St George's which has been given the title of a World Heritage Site, along with Hamilton, King's Warf Dockyard and St George's Town. Another attraction here is the Bermuda shorts which originated here.
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1: makes me want to jump into a cruise ship and sail away into the vast oceans
Posted by: anu - 13 Jul, 2012