720,000 affected in China rains

Beijing, About 720,000 people from 240 townships in central China's Hunan Province has been affected due to heavy rainstorms since early Monday, flood control officials said Tuesday.

Initial investigation showed that 465 homes in the province have been toppled and 149,400 local residents have been relocated as a result of the storms, Xinhua reported.

In Hunan's Fenghuang County, more than 120,000 locals and tourists have been evacuated since Monday night as heavy rains hit the county.

Power supply in Fenghuang has been cut off and multiple temporary settlements set up in the county seat to cater for the evacuated people.

About 128,000 people in the county have been affected by the flooding, according to its government.

Several bridges on the Tuojiang river have been inundated or destroyed.

Water has flowed into dozens of bars, restaurants and hotels.

The water level is sufficient for boats to pass along several streets.

The local hydrographical bureau issued a red alert, the highest level in the country's four-tier warning system, at 10.10 a.m. Tuesday.

The water levels of three big reservoirs in the county have also surpassed warning levels by 0.61 to 2.04 metres.

According to weather officials, heavy rains will continue to hit the province Wednesday.

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